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Investing | September 04, 2015

Here's What Bank of America Shareholders Need to Know Right Now

Most analysts and commentators are focused on an upcoming shareholder vote at Bank of America, but savvy investors are licking their chops as the bank's turnaround has gained momentum.

Investing | September 03, 2015

Bank of America and Dollar-Cost Averaging: How You Can Still Make Money When Stocks Crash

Even though Bank of America's share price is nearly two-thirds less than a decade ago, this strategy would have still made money.

Investing | September 02, 2015

Why Are Bank of America's Shares Almost Twice as Volatile as a Typical Stock?

With a beta of 1.71, Bank of America's shares are 71% more volatile than the broader market.

Investing | September 02, 2015

4 Best Bank Stocks to Buy During a Correction

With the markets in a correction, it's a great time to go shopping for bargains.

Investing | September 01, 2015

What the Upcoming Vote at Bank of America Is (and Isn't) About

It's a referendum on the board of directors, not on CEO Brian Moynihan.

Investing | August 31, 2015

When Will Bank of America Raise Its Dividend Next?

Shareholders will have to wait until March 2016 before Bank of America announces its next dividend increase.

Investing | August 28, 2015

With This Investment Strategy, Market Corrections Don't Have To Be Scary

Thanks to the laws of mathematics, dollar cost averaging can make corrections work in your favor.

Investing | August 25, 2015

3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Bank of America and Citigroup

The future looks pretty amazing for bank customers and shareholders.

Investing | August 24, 2015

3 Cheap Bank Stocks that Have Dropped More than 13% Over the Past Month

If you combine the recent declines in these banks' share prices with their valuations, three of them seem to offer substantial upside.

Investing | August 24, 2015

Use This Simple Strategy to Take Advantage of Bank of America’s Recent Drop

By averaging into a new position in Bank of America's stock, you'll limit your downside and retain the flexibility to double down on your bet if the bank's shares continue to slide.

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