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Investing | May 20, 2015

Bank of America's Problem (and Solution) in 140 Characters or Fewer

What Twitter can teach us about a company's present and future.

Investing | May 11, 2015

This $2 Trillion Bank Is Cutting Out Coal

Bank of America Corp is ready to dump these dirty investments.

Investing | May 10, 2015

When Will Bank of America Get the Hint? Taking Advantage of Customers Isn't Good for Business

Bank of America is in trouble, again.

Investing | May 04, 2015

Bank of America Finally Admits It Should Have Listened to Shareholders Last Year

The nation's second biggest bank by assets says it will allow shareholders to vote (once again!) on whether or not to split the role of chairman and CEO.

Investing | May 03, 2015

Bank of America Tops the List of the Most Hated Companies in Banking

According to a recent customer satisfaction survey, Bank of America is the most hated bank in the United States.

Investing | May 01, 2015

3 Bank Stocks With Huge Cash Flow

These three banks mint money -- and here's why that doesn't matter much.

Investing | May 01, 2015

4 of Banking's Blue Chip Stocks

Four banks fill out the ranks of bank industry's blue chip stocks.

Investing | April 29, 2015

CLSA Analyst Mike Mayo: 8 Reasons You Should Sell Your Bank of America Stock

Mayo isn't happy with Bank of America, and he doesn't hesitate to make his opinion known.

Investing | April 26, 2015

3 Reasons Bank of America Is Less Profitable Than Its Peers

Digging into three explanations for Bank of America's low return on equity.

Investing | April 24, 2015

The Best-Case Scenario for Bank of America's Stock

If Bank of America can improve its profitability, its shareholders will get rich.

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