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Investing | October 06, 2015

Here’s Why Bank of America’s Trading Operations Weigh on Its Share Price

The high volatility associated with trading operations seems to filter through to a lower stock valuation for Bank of America.

Investing | October 05, 2015

6 Things to Watch For When Bank of America Reports Earnings

These six things will shine a light on the pace of Bank of America's ongoing turnaround.

Investing | October 03, 2015

3 Simple Ways to Visualize Bank of America

Bank of America is complicated, but these three charts help to demystify it.

Investing | October 02, 2015

4 Reasons Bank of America's Shares Fell 10% in the Third Quarter

From problems in China to interest rates here at home, here's why Bank of America's shares have floundered since the beginning of July.

Investing | October 01, 2015

What Bank of America Teaches Investors About Leverage

Leverage is a double-edged sword.

Investing | September 30, 2015

The Financial Crisis' Final Hurrah Will Cost Bank of America Billions

Bank of America and other leading banks have one final hurdle to clear before they can relegate the financial crisis to the dustbin of history.

Investing | September 29, 2015

Expenses Are No Longer Bank of America's Main Problem

It's finally time to address Bank of America's top line.

Investing | September 28, 2015

This Could Send Bank of America's Shares Soaring This Week

Here's why Bank of America investors need to keep a close eye on Sept. 30th.

Investing | September 28, 2015

Bank of America's Income Statement in 2 Easy Charts

What can investors learn about the bank's future from its income and expenses today?

Investing | September 27, 2015

7 Charts You Need to See Before Investing in a Bank Today

There are a lot of moving parts for bank-stock investors to consider in today's complex marketplace.

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