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Investing | December 18, 2014

How to Invest in Bank Stocks the Warren Buffett Way

Sometimes bank stocks are cheap for a reason. Let's talk about why that is and when it's OK to pay a premium.

Investing | December 16, 2014

How to Recession-Proof Your Bank Stock Portfolio

An efficient operation matters for bank stock performance, particularly during downturns.

Investing | December 10, 2014

What the Media Missed About Bank of America Corp.

Bank of America was in the headlines again, but investors should look past the headlines to the actual results to see the progress of this bank.

Investing | December 07, 2014

1 Sign Bank of America is Really Improving

The latest results from J.D. Power's U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study could be very good news for Bank of America investors.

Investing | December 07, 2014

Warren Buffett Does Things That You Shouldn't Try at Home

Legions of investors look to the Oracle of Omaha for investment ideas. But following his lead isn't always the best of ideas.

Investing | December 07, 2014

You'll Never Guess Who Made This Year's Naughty List (Hint: It's Not Bank of America)

Consumer Reports placed one bank on its 2014 Naughty List, and you won't believe which one it was.

Investing | November 26, 2014

For Bank of America to Succeed, It Must Clean Up its Culture

There are two things we know with a high degree of certainty. First, having a good corporate culture is critical to producing outstanding shareholder returns. Second, Bank of America doesn't have a good corporate culture.

Investing | November 25, 2014

Dear Brian Moynihan: You’ve Done a Good Job so Far, But Now Comes the Hard Part

With the end of Bank of America's legal fiasco right around the corner, investors should not delude themselves into thinking that BofA's biggest challenge is behind it.

Investing | November 22, 2014

Believe It or Not, This Bank Has the Worst Reputation

The people have spoken, and this company has the worst customer service. But does that even matter?

Investing | November 16, 2014

Will Bank of America Corp. Raise Its Dividend in 2015?

With 2015 approaching, investors want to know whether Bank of America will raise its dividend next year. The Motley Fool staff happily has the answer.

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