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Investing | December 23, 2015

How Buffett Turned Around A $23.5 Billion Insurance Bet

Berkshire's most boring businesses are more interesting than they seem.

Investing | December 13, 2015

3 Charts That Show Why Warren Buffett Loves Geico

Here's why the Gecko may be Warren Buffett's best buddy in business.

Investing | December 11, 2015

Buffett's Real Estate Brokerage Is on Track for a Record Year

Helped by a boon in real estate sales, Buffett's real estate empire should post profits higher than the pre-financial-crisis peak.

Investing | December 06, 2015

Why I'm Sticking With Warren Buffett -- and You Should, Too

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is having an unusually bad year, but this should be viewed as an opportunity.

Investing | December 06, 2015

1 Reason to Invest in Berkshire Hathaway

Free from agency costs, Warren Buffett has designed a company that puts its shareholders first.

Investing | December 06, 2015

Where Could Berkshire Hathaway Be in 10 Years?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway averaged annual gains of nearly 15% over the past 25 years. Can it match this over the next decade?

Investing | December 05, 2015

9 Rules That Helped Warren Buffett Produce a 1,826,163% Return in 50 Years

Berkshire Hathaway has made its long-term shareholders incredibly rich. Here are nine of the investing rules that made it possible.

Investing | December 04, 2015

2 Stocks This "Fund Manager of the Decade" Is Buying -- and One He's Selling

During the third quarter, Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Capital Management initiated positions in Citigroup Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. and reduced its position in Bank of America Corp.

Investing | November 23, 2015

If You're in Your 50s, Consider Buying These Stocks

Some risk can still be taken, but safety and preservation of capital should be priorities.

Investing | November 22, 2015

Buffett Doubles Down on Big Blue

IBM's stock price is dwindling, and its valuation is tempting; is Buffet making a trademark contrarian investment in IBM with few investors truly taking notice?

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