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Investing | January 28, 2015

Caterpillar Inc. Moves 7% Lower After Disappointing Quarter. What Investors Need to Know

If you're expecting to scoop up an industrial juggernaut at a cheap price, be prepared for the long haul: Caterpillar isn't likely to rebound in 2015.

Investing | January 27, 2015

Caterpillar Inc. Earnings and Outlook Indicate Big Trouble Ahead

Caterpillar misses fourth-quarter estimates and delivers a shockingly weak outlook for 2015. What should you do now?

Investing | January 26, 2015

Caterpillar Inc.'s Dismal December Retail Hints at a Poor Quarter

Here's a look at Caterpillar's retail results for the three-month rolling period ending in December, and what it could mean for Tuesday's quarterly results.

Investing | January 20, 2015

5 Things Caterpillar Inc. Management Wants You to Know

What’s in store for Caterpillar in 2015? These quotes from management reveal its plans.

Investing | January 07, 2015

1 Stock You Might Want to Skip in 2015

2015 isn't expected to be the year this company rebounds. However, long-term investors should consider adding it to their watchlist.

Investing | January 05, 2015

What's Sending the Dow Tumbling? It's Not All Energy

Look beyond the obvious for causes of a possible pullback.

Investing | December 29, 2014

This Move Might Just Have Crushed Caterpillar's Future

Shocking declines in a key market could be the final nail in the construction equipment giant's coffin.

Investing | December 18, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly From Caterpillar Inc.'s November Retail Sales

Another month, and another pretty rough retail performance for Caterpillar. Here are the details and trends investors should keep an eye on.

Investing | December 12, 2014

Dow Falls 200 as Plunging Oil Prices Scare Stock Investors

What should be good news for U.S. consumers has turned out to be bad news for investors, as crude oil continues its sharp decline.

Investing | December 04, 2014

These 2 Stocks Could Tumble as Oil Prices Fall (Surprise: They're Not Oil Stocks)

Why the oil price slump could land Caterpillar and Manitowoc investors in hot water.

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