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Investing | December 24, 2013

How a 149% Increase in 3D Systems Corporation Stock Had Almost Nothing to Do With Its Business

3D Systems shares have had an incredible ride in 2013, but the cause of that rally should be a red flag for investors.

Investing | December 23, 2013

How 3D Systems' Just-Announced Xerox Acquisition Exposed a Sleeping Giant

3D Systems recently announced it was acquiring a division of Xerox, but don’t let that fool you into thinking Xerox doesn’t care about 3-D printing.

Investing | December 22, 2013

One Expert Shares His Investing Secrets to Find Companies Like Amazon and Google

One of the country’s smartest investing minds explains why 3D Systems, Facebook, and LinkedIn are stocks you should consider.

Investing | December 20, 2013

Brazil Snubs Boeing and Ford Continues to Improve Technology

Boeing's had a heck of a year, trading roughly 80% higher in 2013 -- but this week it was snubbed by Brazil for a $4.5 billion contract.

Investing | December 20, 2013

Is the 3D Printing Industry a Growth Opportunity?

There's a lot of talk about 3D printing in the news and even in Congress. With so many things being said, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether 3D printing is a growth industry or if it's just a passing fad.

Investing | December 19, 2013

Why the Critics Are Wrong About 3-D Printing

We’re only starting to see what will be possible with 3-D printing.

Investing | December 19, 2013

3-D Printing's EuroMold 2013: 4 Key Highlights All Sector Investors Should Know About

Production, rather than prototying, was the name of the game at this World's Fair for 3-D printing companies.

Investing | December 18, 2013

3D Systems to Acquire Xerox Engineering Group

The $32.5 million deal for the IT product leader's Oregon-based unit will include engineering talent for 3D Systems.

Investing | December 18, 2013

What Stock Would You Buy: 3D Systems or Radian?

Would You Rather buy Radian or 3D Systems?

Investing | December 17, 2013

Where the Money Is: December 17

The biggest stories from Tuesday’s world of finance.

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