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Investing | September 12, 2016

It's Good That Microsoft Didn't Acquire Slack

Shareholders probably saved a ton of money.

Investing | September 07, 2016

Azure vs. AWS: Can Microsoft Catch Up to Amazon in the Cloud Competition?

Amazon has a big lead in cloud services, but Microsoft is making sacrifices to deliver rapid growth.

Investing | September 06, 2016

Microsoft Stock History: How the Tech Giant Made Shareholders Rich

Knowing the story behind Microsoft's stock history reveals some clues about potential future successes.

Investing | September 05, 2016

3 Cheap Dividend-Paying Stocks to Buy Now

Microsoft, International Business Machines, and Pfizer provide income investors with bargain valuations and market-beating dividend yields.

Investing | September 01, 2016

7 Bill Gates Quotes You Should Read Right Now

Bill Gates is most famous for founding Microsoft and pledging to give away the vast majority of his massive wealth. And it's that combination of success and generosity that make his thoughts on life so inspirational.

Investing | August 31, 2016

What Are Cloud Services and How Can Investors Get a Share of the Market?

Many technology companies are increasing their cloud computing services -- and these five stocks will likely benefit.

Investing | August 30, 2016

Better Buy: Apple Inc. vs. Microsoft

Two tech giants facing very different challenges make for a tough decision for investors.

Investing | August 28, 2016

Is Microsoft Corporation's "One Windows" Dream Dead?

The tech giant probably won’t fulfill its dream of creating a unified OS for mobile devices, PCs, and gaming consoles.

Investing | August 26, 2016

3 Top Stocks For Retirees

ExxonMobil, Microsoft, and Pfizer are top stocks that offer retirees an attractive blend of risk, reward, and dividend upside.

Investing | August 24, 2016

Microsoft Gets Office, Skype on Millions More Android Devices

The company has struck a deal with Lenovo to preload its software on some of the company's phones and tablets.

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