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Investing | June 12, 2016

Dividend Stocks Retirees Can Buy

Retirees should be selective when picking dividend-paying stocks to own in their portfolios, and these five stocks may have what it takes to warrant stashing them away in income portfolios.

Investing | June 10, 2016

Microsoft's Cortana Comes to the Xbox

As the battle for the living room intensifies, Microsoft is positioning its artificial intelligence virtual assistant to challenge those of Amazon, Alphabet, and Apple.

Investing | June 09, 2016

Analyzing Search Data Could Help Diagnose Serious Illness Faster

A new paper from two top Microsoft executives could help save lives.

Investing | June 03, 2016

Here's Microsoft Corporation's Strategy for Self-Driving Cars

The software giant says it wants to help develop autonomous driving technology, but it should stick to productivity.

Investing | June 01, 2016

Billionaire Battleground: Microsoft Corporation Stock

Given the cloud giant’s stock price malaise of late, it’s no wonder even billionaire investors can’t decide to buy or sell.

Investing | June 01, 2016

Instant Analysis: Facebook and Microsoft Team Up for Undersea Cable

The MAREA cable will stretch from Virginia to northern Spain.

Investing | June 01, 2016

Where Does IBM Rank in Software and Hardware?

Software is the most profitable part of IBM, and while hardware isn't as important as it once was, it remains a crucial part of the company's business model.

Investing | May 31, 2016

Better Buy Now: Apple vs. Microsoft

Microsoft is more predictable, but Apple offers superior upside potential.

Investing | May 28, 2016

Understanding the Internet-of-Things Data Boom in 12 Slides

The Internet of Things is expected to generate trillions of dollars in business over the next decade. But where does that value come from?

Investing | May 27, 2016

How Much Did Microsoft's Nokia Purchase Cost Investors?

Microsoft is changing its focus with smartphones once again.

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