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Investing | June 22, 2016

Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition: Details of the Deal

LinkedIn is going to maintain some independence.

Investing | June 21, 2016

Is Microsoft Corporation's Surface Phone Still Alive?

Does it still make sense for Microsoft to launch a Surface Phone?

Investing | June 21, 2016

Microsoft vs. Sony: Who Won E3 2016?

Big games, virtual reality, and upcoming hardware releases defined Sony and Microsoft's competition for buzz at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Investing | June 19, 2016

Microsoft and Sony Battle for VR Console Supremacy

How will Microsoft's and Sony’s new consoles shape the VR market?

Investing | June 18, 2016

3 Reasons Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition Is a Bad Move

The software titan's biggest acquisition ever could be a big flop.

Investing | June 17, 2016

Why Big Acquisitions Often Fail

Microsoft's acquisition of Linkedin is a reminder of why such deals are so hard to pull off.

Investing | June 16, 2016

Microsoft's LinkedIn Corp Acquisition: 3 Reasons to Be Skeptical

From the premium price that Microsoft is paying to questionable synergies, here's why this acquisition could be a mistake.

Investing | June 16, 2016

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: Smart Move

Microsoft and LinkedIn are stronger together.

Investing | June 15, 2016

Instant Analysis: Microsoft Unveils New $299 Xbox One S, Talks of Project Scorpio

The tech titan is looking to boost its hardware sales and take on Sony in the virtual reality market.

Investing | June 15, 2016

Is Microsoft Inc. Overpaying for LinkedIn?

The struggling B2B social network could make a lot of money for Microsoft and could bolster Microsoft products.

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