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Investing | November 05, 2014

If I Could Only Choose 3 Tech Stocks For the Next 5 Years, I’d Pick These

Thankfully investors aren't limited to by the number of stocks they select, but if they were, here are three that should top the list.

Investing | November 04, 2014

3 Reasons the Microsoft Band May Be Bigger Than You Think

The Windows maker has delivered a surprisingly appealing device at a good price point.

Investing | November 03, 2014

Would Microsoft Be Better Off Giving Xbox One Away for Free?

The company needs to do something to change the course of its ongoing battle with Sony over console customers.

Investing | November 03, 2014

Is Microsoft's Windows Phone Dead in the United States?

The line has lost market share and may not have any way to get it back.

Investing | November 03, 2014

Can Microsoft's Band Take Down Apple Watch?

Microsoft just launched its first smartwatch, the Band. Will this preemptive strike against Apple Watch pay off?

Investing | November 02, 2014

iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3: Does Apple or Microsoft Need a Blockbuster Tablet More?

What do iPads and Surfaces mean for Apple and Microsoft’s long-term business strategies?

Investing | November 01, 2014

Fitbit’s Surge Smartwatch Beautifully Marries Microsoft’s Cortana on Windows Phones

Fitbit just announced that its devices will offer integration with Microsoft’s Cortana on Windows Phones. What does this mean for the future of Microsoft’s mobile health efforts?

Investing | October 31, 2014

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Finally Gets It Right

The Surface Pro 3 drove strong hardware sales for Microsoft during its most recent quarter.

Investing | October 30, 2014

Microsoft Just Launched a Huge Attack Against Google and Dropbox

Microsoft's new offer is incredibly attractive for businesses and those customers are much more valuable to Microsoft than personal users.

Dividends & Income Investing | October 30, 2014

3 Top Stocks That Are Downright Cheap

Nothing can guarantee investment success, but finding companies with compelling, long-term value propositions is as close as you can get.

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