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High-Growth Investing | January 12, 2017

Can the Naked Chicken Chalupa Save Taco Bell?

Yum! Brands will introduce a new item -- a chalupa with fried chicken as the flatbread shell -- on Jan. 26.

Investing | December 20, 2016

Top Stocks to Buy in Fast Food

Where investors should look for the best long-term returns in fast food.

Investing | December 07, 2016

Why Investors Shouldn't Fret Over Yum! Brands' 26.5% Stock Drop in November

Yum! successfully spun off its promising China business last month. Here's what investors need to know.

Investing | December 02, 2016

Is the Cheetos Quesadilla Taco Bell's Next Doritos Locos Taco?

The new product follows a popular recipe that has worked well for the chain, but it's not yet available in the U.S.

Investing | October 25, 2016

Is KFC's Bucket Half-Full or Half-Empty?

The Yum! Brands company faces a lawsuit that says it misrepresents its $20 Fill Up meal in ads.

Investing | October 17, 2016

Taco Bell Testing All-Day Breakfast

The company may once again go after McDonald's by copying its successful menu expansion.

Investing | October 15, 2016

Is the Election Really to Blame for Poor Restaurant Sales?

It's not just voters who are grumbling about the election this year.

Investing | October 07, 2016

These 3 Stocks Just Raised Their Dividends

A trio of well-known companies hiked their distributions last week.

Investing | October 06, 2016

What Happened in the Stock Market Today

Why Zumiez and Yum! Brands stood out in market action on Thursday.

Investing | October 01, 2016

3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week

Why Constellation Brands, Darden Restaurants, and Yum Brands stocks could make big moves over the next few days.

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