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Investing | June 21, 2015

5 Restaurants Reinventing Breakfast

Some chains are mixing things up when it comes to breakfast.

Investing | June 19, 2015

Hot Dog Pizza Won't Save Pizza Hut

Yum! Brands hopes pigs in a blanket will heat things up at its pizza chain.

Investing | June 15, 2015

3 Reasons Yum! Brands Stock Could Rise Even Higher

The food scandal in China is already becoming a distant memory to the restaurant operator.

Investing | June 14, 2015

The Real Reason Fast-Food Companies Are Bringing Back Mascots May Shock You

Hamburglar, Colonel Sanders, and the King have returned, but that might not be a good thing.

Investing | June 02, 2015

3 Stocks to Watch in Fast Food

From investing in Big Macs to waffle tacos and fried chicken, these three stocks offer a solid pulse on the health of the fast food industry.

Investing | May 30, 2015

Why Yum! Brands, Inc. Is Bringing Colonel Sanders Back to Lead KFC

Troubled chains often resort to cartoonish mascots to boost likability, though that does not seem to be the case for the return of the Colonel.

Investing | May 12, 2015

Is Taco Bell Beating McDonald's In The Fast Food Breakfast Battle?

The Mexican eatery has a bold offering, but is it connecting with consumers?

Investing | May 09, 2015

Here's Why These Two Hedge Funds Love Yum! Brands Inc.

These activist investors don't always take the same approach to businesses, but something here unifies them.

High-Growth Investing | April 01, 2015

The Next Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone's looking for the next hot burrito roller, but it may be closer than you think.

Investing | March 17, 2015

Why Yum! Brands, Inc. Stock Jumped 12% in February

Shareholders of this fast-food chain were treated to a big stock gain last month.

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