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Investing | June 15, 2015

What Does the Paris Air Show Hold for Boeing and Airbus?

The weeklong air show will have investors tuned in to see who gets what.

Investing | May 25, 2015

Sikorsky Is for Sale -- but Can Anyone Afford It?

At long, long last, United Technologies has decided to sell its crown jewels. Very soon, we should know who will own Sikorsky.

Investing | May 13, 2015

1 Jet Maker Has Big Hopes for China

Embraer sees a huge runway for growth in the Chinese regional airline sector.

Investing | May 01, 2015

Airbus Earnings Put Boeing to Shame (or Do They?)

One week after Boeing disappointed investors, Airbus reports a big profit.

Investing | March 22, 2015

Can You Guess Which Country Is Stockpiling $6.5 Billion Worth of Weapons? (Hint: It’s Not Russia)

One more hint: It's hot.

Investing | March 22, 2015

3 Companies With Better Dividends Than Boeing

Boeing may be a dividend stalwart, but investors could do better.

Investing | March 16, 2015

"Alcoa Can't Wait"... to Move Away From Aluminum

But shareholders really wish it would.

Investing | March 12, 2015

Is Embraer SA Feeling the Pain from Brazil?

Does this Brazilian manufacturer face additional headwinds?

Investing | March 10, 2015

Airbus Group Has a Big Backlog -- and That Could Be a Problem

Like Boeing, Airbus has a big backlog of planes ordered but unbuilt, and still awaiting delivery. But how big of a problem is this, exactly?

Investing | March 09, 2015

Airbus Group Gets Its Wings Clipped: Boeing Orders Surge in February

And that's not even the biggest news that Boeing had to report.

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