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Investing | August 16, 2017

How to Invest in Military Stocks

Defense stocks have gotten very expensive, but there's still one that's a bargain.

Investing | August 09, 2017

Why Boeing Soared More Than 22% in July

The world's top aircraft maker outperformed in July thanks to industry growth and incredible second-quarter performance.

Investing | August 08, 2017

United Technologies: End Markets Are Helping, but There's Still Work to Do

The industrial giant's recent results confirmed the positive trends seen in Honeywell International and Lennox International earnings, but there are still questions over its internal execution.

Investing | August 02, 2017

Margins Slip but Cash Surges at Raytheon

Profit margins are running hot throughout most of the defense industry. Can Raytheon keep them there?

Investing | July 31, 2017

Despite Underwhelming Earnings, Airbus Scores an Upgrade

Bad news and buy ratings rarely go hand in hand, but Vertical Research sees a bright future for Airbus.

Investing | July 25, 2017

Alaska Airlines Could Be Ready to Go All-Boeing Again

Despite a brief flirtation with Airbus, Alaska Airlines will probably return to being an all-Boeing carrier by the mid-2020s.

Investing | July 23, 2017

Is Emirates About to Order the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

A recent analyst report claimed that an Emirates order for the Boeing 787 is a "done deal" -- but that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Investing | July 21, 2017

Why Investors Need to Be on the Lookout for Aerial Drones

Satellite imagery is so 20th century. In the 21st, drones can do the job cheaper, and in some ways, better.

Investing | July 21, 2017

3 Drone Companies to Invest in Today

The drones are coming. In fact, they're already here.

Investing | July 20, 2017

Embraer Stock Is a Better Buy Than Boeing Stock Right Now

Boeing stock has soared in the past year and a half, whereas Embraer stock is as beaten-down as ever. As a result, the Brazilian aerospace upstart is a better buy these days.

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