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Investing | February 28, 2015

Bad News for Boeing: France Is Still Making Fighter Jets

And marketing the F/A-18 around the world just got a little bit harder.

Investing | February 28, 2015

USMC Wants a New Tank, But Will This Idea Float?

Four companies will try to build the Marines a new amphibious tank -- hopefully for less than $15.5 billion.

Investing | February 22, 2015

Companies Are Lining Up to Lead the Drone Wars

Drones are coming, and a few companies you've never heard of may be leading the charge.

Investing | February 21, 2015

Boeing 747 and Airbus A380: Emirates Could Have an Answer for These Jumbo Jets’ Future

Emirates has a good mind to add more jumbos to its current fleet, but will it consider Boeing 747-8?

Investing | February 21, 2015

Northrop Grumman Bids Solo on Air Force Trainer. Is This Northrop's Last Hurrah?

The sharks are circling, and Northrop Grumman is circling the wagons to defend a key franchise.

Investing | February 17, 2015

How Dependent Is Apple Upon The U.S. And China Getting Along?

The tech company has profited from its manufacturing abroad, but it comes with great risks.

Investing | January 25, 2015

Can Airbus Make Black Boxes Easy to Find?

Recovering the data recorders from recent air incidents has been difficult, but Airbus is looking to change that.

Investing | January 20, 2015

Bombardier Shares Crash 26%: Should Boeing and Airbus Investors Care?

After a disappointing announcement from Bombardier, it's worth looking at whether other aerospace manufacturers are affected.

Investing | January 17, 2015

Boeing Co. Chokes, Hands Airbus the Victory in a December Photo-Finish

2014 was supposed to be Boeing's year -- yet all of a sudden, it wasn't. Should Boeing investors worry?

Investing | January 16, 2015

Airbus Makes a Bold Move Into the Boeing 757's Territory

This week, Airbus launched a potential Boeing 757 replacement: a long-range version of the A321neo.

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