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Investing | September 03, 2015

Is Boeing Off Course in Thinking China Needs So Many Airplanes?

The aircraft maker says there's nothing to worry about when it comes to China's slowing economy.

Investing | August 20, 2015

Will Boeing Ever Sell Another Airplane?

There's a lot of talk of plane orders in this week's update but very little action.

Investing | August 09, 2015

Boeing Goes on a "No News" Streak -- but Airbus Is Talking

The strangest thing of all is that it's Airbus' news that is good news for Boeing.

Investing | August 08, 2015

3 Top Dividend Stocks for Beginning Investors

The stock market can be intimidating, but not if you know what to look for.

Investing | August 03, 2015

Airbus Group Powered Up After Earnings -- and Could Fly Even Higher

Sales are soaring, and profit margins, too.

Investing | July 15, 2015

Why I Doubled Down on Embraer Stock

Embraer stock has been caught in a rut, but its business fundamentals appear to be on the upswing.

Investing | July 09, 2015

Can You Guess Who Boeing's Biggest Customer Is?

Hint: It's not Southwest Airlines. At least not this year, it isn't.

Investing | July 07, 2015

Boeing Beats Airbus in June

What a difference a month makes! (No, seriously: What difference does it really make?)

Investing | June 15, 2015

What Does the Paris Air Show Hold for Boeing and Airbus?

The weeklong air show will have investors tuned in to see who gets what.

Investing | May 25, 2015

Sikorsky Is for Sale -- but Can Anyone Afford It?

At long, long last, United Technologies has decided to sell its crown jewels. Very soon, we should know who will own Sikorsky.

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