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Investing | May 02, 2016

Delta Finally Orders Bombardier's Game-Changing CSeries Jet

The airline giant placed a firm order for 75 Bombardier CS100 jets last week.

Investing | April 25, 2016

SpaceX Surges, and United Launch Alliance Announces Mass Layoffs

This story will end badly.

Investing | April 24, 2016

Delta May Be About to Order a Boatload of New Planes

Airbus looks set to get some orders from Delta, but will Bombardier finally land the big sale it has been chasing?

Investing | April 21, 2016

Airbus Beats Boeing in $9.1 Billion Kuwaiti Fighter Jet Deal

With a 46% interest in the Eurofighter consortium, Airbus stands to reap big gains from this sale.

Investing | April 20, 2016

Boeing Is Set to Report Earnings: Here's What to Watch

Investors should look out for more information on aircraft pricing trends, Dreamliner production costs, and KC-46 development progress.

Investing | April 20, 2016

Boeing Runs Up the Score on Airbus

"Don't kick a man when he's down," say some. Others demur: "But that's the easiest time to kick 'im!"

Investing | April 16, 2016

DARPA Prepares to Unleash a Storm of "Gremlins" on U.S. Foes

Four companies are poised to prosper as DARPA begins handing out multimillion-dollar contracts.

Investing | April 15, 2016

What Alcoa Management's Outlook Means to Investors

What does the aluminium company's guidance mean for upcoming earnings from companies like United Technologies, General Electric Company, and Honeywell International?

Investing | April 12, 2016

Mystery Buyer Orders 2 Gigantic Airbus A380 Aircraft

Who is winning the airplane sales race this month? And what's ahead in the longer term?

Investing | April 10, 2016

Can Boeing Push Out the Airbus A320 at United Airlines?

Bombardier isn't Boeing's only target in selling 737 jets to United Continental below cost.

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