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Investing | May 27, 2015

JetBlue Strikes Lucrative Streaming Deal With

The airline will make access to the retailer's Prime video/music on demand service free for the service's members who travel on its flights.

Investing | May 20, 2015

JetBlue Is Attacking Southwest Airlines Head-On

JetBlue is promoting its assigned seating as a nicer alternative to "cattle car boarding."

Investing | May 16, 2015

The Single Worst Practice of the Airlines

Airlines do a lot of things that make their customers unhappy. But what's the single worst practice of the airlines?

Investing | May 05, 2015

The Spirit Airlines Pullback Could Be a Great Buying Opportunity

Spirit Airlines stock is down, but it is likely to bounce back relatively soon.

Investing | May 04, 2015

SkyWest Airlines, Inc. Soars 18%: Is Republic Airways Next?

Both regional airline companies are embracing larger 76-seat regional jets to boost their profitability.

Investing | April 24, 2015

American Airlines Group, Inc. Earnings: Another Quarter, Another Record

American Airlines Group, Inc. saved about $1.3 billion on fuel last quarter thanks to the big drop in oil prices.

Investing | April 22, 2015

Is This the Next Airline to Return Boatloads of Cash to Investors?

Free cash flow is rising rapidly at Hawaiian Holdings.

Investing | April 20, 2015

JetBlue Is Making a Mint on Its Premium Service

JetBlue's Mint premium seats are getting more expensive -- and they're still in high demand.

Investing | April 19, 2015

The Only 3 Airlines Where Customer Service Is Improving (Can You Guess Which Is the Best?)

Only three airlines improved in the annual Airline Quality Rating report.

Investing | April 14, 2015

JetBlue Airways Corporation: Performance Is Surging

JetBlue Airways Corporation is torching the rest of the industry in terms of unit revenue growth.

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