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Investing | March 02, 2015

Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines Are Ready for Expansion

Two major U.S. based airlines are gearing up for more flights abroad into higher growth markets.

Investing | February 25, 2015

Why Alaska Air Group, Inc. Is a Great Value Stock

Alaska Air Group, Inc. is successfully fending off a big threat from larger rival Delta.

Investing | February 22, 2015

Airline Investors: Don't Underestimate Spirit Airlines' Big Growth Plans

Spirit Airlines and other smaller airlines are planning to grow quickly in the next five to 10 years. This could increase pricing pressure for the four dominant U.S. airlines.

Investing | February 22, 2015

As Profits Surge, Airlines Share the Wealth

Two key stakeholders are benefiting from a surge in airline profits.

Investing | February 17, 2015

SkyWest, Inc. Follows Republic Airways' Lead: Investors Cheer

SkyWest, Inc. is gradually shifting its fleet towards more-profitable large regional jets, but Republic Airways is way ahead in this process.

Investing | February 15, 2015

Alaska Air Group, Inc: The 1 Metric That Really Matters

Alaska Air Group, Inc. is fanatic about operating and financial metrics. But one metric above all others is crucial to the company's success.

Investing | February 15, 2015

This Airline Could Be Shrinking Seats (but It's Not the Only One)

A major U.S. airline could make seats tighter for long-haul flights but other airlines may be ready to join.

Investing | February 07, 2015

Why Investors Shouldn't Be Alarmed by the American Airlines Pilot Raises

American's pilots got a raise of more than 20%, but investors shouldn't run from the stock yet.

Investing | February 02, 2015

Southwest Airlines Co.: Expansion in Dallas Continues

Southwest Airlines announced plans last week to sublease two gates at Dallas Love Field from United Continental in order to continue expanding there.

Investing | February 01, 2015

New Airline ETF Available Soon: Should You Buy It?

Other airline ETFs have failed, but U.S. Global Investors thinks it can make a new one work.

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