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Investing | June 07, 2014

Which Companies Profit From a Future Filled With Self-Driving Cars?

Google, Audi, and BMW all have their fingers in this pie, but what about the companies that make up the ingredients for self-driving cars?

Investing | April 22, 2014

Do You Think That the Run on FuelCell Energy's Shares is Over? This May Make You Think Again

Even though shares of FuelCell Energy are up over 180% in the past year, there may still be room to grow.

Investing | April 14, 2014

Why Visteon Corporation Will Be a Winner in the Changing Automotive Landscape

Consumers want connected cars to give them the ability to navigate directions, entertain themselves, and communicate with others. Governments are trying to solve the air pollution problem by reducing fuel emissions. How will Visteon benefit from these demands?

Investing | March 18, 2014

Making Sense of the Fuel Cell Stock Hysteria

Three companies -- Fuel Cell Energy, Plug Power, and Ballard Power Systems -- have all seen their shares taken over by speculative traders. Do any of them make sense as real investments?

Investing | March 17, 2014

Why This Isn't Your Average Commoditized Automotive Supplier

Investors risk missing out on companies which aren’t affected by the usual challenges that their peers face. One such example is Gentex in the automotive sector.

Investing | March 14, 2014

Is BorgWarner, Inc. Destined for Greatness?

Let's see what the numbers say about BorgWarner (BWA).

Investing | March 03, 2014

Westport and Delphi Sign Collaboration Deal

Westport Innovations and Delphi Automotive will team up to advance natural gas injection technology.

Investing | December 27, 2013

What Is Johnson Controls Telling Investors About Auto Parts?

Johnson Controls withdrawal might denote tougher times in the auto parts industry.

Investing | November 11, 2013

Shorts Are Piling Into These Stocks. Should You Be Worried?

Do short-sellers have these stocks pegged? You be the judge!

Value Investing | November 09, 2013

Rolling Along with Auto Parts Profits

As more consumers fix their own vehicles, companies like O’Reilly Automotive, AutoZone, and Monro Muffler Brake will continue to grow.

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