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Investing | November 22, 2014

Wal-Mart vs. Amazon: Will Price Matching Decide the Holiday Winner?

The physical retailer has taken away a perceived advantage from its online foe.

Investing | November 17, 2014

Urban Outfitters' Record Results Still Fall Short As the Holidays Approach

Despite unprecedented sales, the retailer saw earnings drop more than expected.

Investing | November 04, 2014

Is E-Commerce the Way to Go for Wal-Mart?

E-commerce is currently an insignificant portion of Wal-Mart’s revenue, but it could emerge as the growth engine.

Investing | October 29, 2014

3 Huge Risks Facing Amazon

Amazon has taken a beating after it reported a big third-quarter loss, but more pain could be ahead as huge risks stare down the company.

Investing | October 29, 2014

Is This Microsoft Xbox One Price Cut a Last Chance to Save the Game Console?

Microsoft has announced bold new price cuts for its struggling gaming system.

Investing | October 10, 2014

RadioShack's New Financing Deal Won't Save the Retailer

At the pace that RadioShack is losing money, the additional liquidity from the new financing package won't last long, maybe only a couple of quarters.

Investing | September 14, 2014

3 Charts That Show Why RadioShack Is Doomed

RadioShack reported another terrible quarter, and it appears that time is running out for the company.

Investing | September 02, 2014

Nike's Megadeal With Kevin Durant Isn't Bad News for Under Armour, Inc.

But you can bet Under Armour is still disappointed.

Investing | August 22, 2014

American Apparel Adds a Second Woman To Its Board, Will It Matter?

Studies show a female touch can dramatically improve a company's governance and risk management.

Investing | August 18, 2014

Amazon and Disney’s Media Feud: What You Need to Know

Breaking down the current spat between these billion-dollar powers.

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