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Investing | May 08, 2014

Ally Financial's Revamped Business Should Scare Its Established Competitors

The financial world is changing and some banks are better suited for the future of banking, but which ones?

Investing | May 06, 2014

A Swiss Lesson for Bank of America

Bank of America and Citigroup could take a page from UBS' reorganization.

Investing | May 06, 2014

Former FDIC Chair on How to Build a Better Financial System

Sheila Bair on finance.

Investing | May 05, 2014

Why I Bought Citigroup Inc

Citi is far from perfect, but this global bank is dirt cheap and reward justifies the risk.

Investing | May 05, 2014

Can Investors Get Over Bank of America This Week?

The market is still in a bit of shock over Bank of America's suspension of its dividend and share buyback initiatives. It's also unhappy about JPMorgan Chase's latest bit of bad news. It's good, then, that Citigroup and Wells Fargo are about to open their tills for dividend payouts to shareholders.

Investing | May 04, 2014

Analyst Calls Second Largest Bank Too Big To Manage, Instead Recommends 3rd Largest Bank

Its been a tough and confusing week for Bank of America shareholders. Let's cut through the confusion and clear all this up.

Investing | May 02, 2014

An Unpleasant Surprise Lurked in the Banking Sector This Week

Bank of America made a biiiig mistake, as it turns out. Citigroup is no longer the pariah of the big four banks, while Wells Fargo makes its dividend hike official and a group of lenders, including JPMorgan Chase, talk telecoms.

Investing | May 01, 2014

Bank of America Just Joined Citigroup in Proving That Banks Are Full of Risks

An accounting error threatens Bank of America's capital return plan and investor confidence, two things Citigroup investors are familiar with.

Investing | April 30, 2014

Why Investors Should Care About Bank of America Corp's Latest Bad News

On Monday, Bank of America announced that it had suspended its recent dividend increase pending approval to reinstate it from the Federal Reserve. There’s reason to believe, however, that such approval may not be forthcoming.

Investing | April 30, 2014

The Accounting Mirage Behind Bank of America’s Blunder

What are structured notes and why have the caused so much trouble at the nation's second largest bank by assets?

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