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Dividends & Income Investing | September 29, 2014

3 Reasons Why Windstream Holdings Is a Top Dividend Stock

The rural telecom specialist has impressed many shareholders with its dividend record.

Dividends & Income Investing | September 24, 2014

High-Yield Stocks for Dividend Investing: Windstream Holdings

Windstream has the highest yield in the S&P 500; but is it really a good stock for dividend investors?

Dividends & Income Investing | September 09, 2014

What the Best Dividend Stocks of 2014 Tell Us About Their Industry

The best-performing dividend stocks this year are all in one sector. Find out which one it is and why they've crushed their competition.

Dividends & Income Investing | July 12, 2014

Dividends Triumph As Rural Telecoms Crush the Dow

These high-dividend favorites are crushing the Dow Jones Industrials this year. Find out why.

Investing | July 12, 2014

Apple Earnings: Factors to Drive an iPhone Blowout

Apple put up a major iPhone blowout last quarter. The Mac maker can potentially do it again. Here's how.

Investing | June 23, 2014

Here's Why CenturyLink Inc. Can Deliver More Upside

After appreciating 15% this year, CenturyLink can go higher.

Investing | June 18, 2014

Will TW Telecom Acquisition Make Level 3 Communications a Top Enterprise Provider?

Enterprise may be the most important segment for Level 3 following its recent acquisition, but will it succeed in the space?

Investing | June 15, 2014

China Is Dominating the Internet of Things

China's machine-to-machine connections far outpace the US and Europe's -- and the country shows no sign of slowing down.

Investing | June 14, 2014

This Is How Apple Could Dominate China

Apple will use HomeKit to piece together devices for the connected home, and the best place to do it is in China.

Investing | May 21, 2014

Despite a Weak First Quarter, Frontier Communications Looks Good Long Term

Frontier missed expectations in the first quarter, but the improvements in its business cannot be overlooked.

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