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Investing | February 25, 2014

Exelon Stock's 3 Worst Nightmares

Exelon stock is up for 2014, but the nuclear company still has natural gas, wind, and clean coal enemies ahead.

Investing | February 22, 2014

SolarCity Corp. Earnings: What to Expect Monday

The residential-solar specialist is enjoying its day in the sun, but will growth keep shining on shareholders?

Beginning Investing | February 22, 2014

How the Inflation Rate Affects Your Wealth

Knowing the basics of the inflation rate is crucial to understanding why you should invest.

Investing | February 11, 2014

Is This Utility Stock Worth Owning?

Will FirstEnergy recover from its recent tumble? Does its current valuation justify owning the stock?

Investing | February 07, 2014

This Powerful German Industry Is in Desperate Need of Government Assistance. Is America Next?

Germany has invested heavily in renewable energy production, but the investments have increased the volatility of the nation's energy generation. The government is now seeking to subsidize fossil fuels to steady the grid. Yes, you read that right.

Investing | February 07, 2014

Exelon Corporation Earnings: Is This Dividend Stock Ready to Soar?

Cheap energy prices have eaten Exelon stock alive, but is 2014 the year for nuclear?

Investing | January 29, 2014

Time to Pull the Plug on Entergy Corporation?

The company could be forced to shut down other nuclear power plants in the Northeast if the license for Indian Point isn't extended.

Investing | January 11, 2014

Why This Utility Company Continues to Struggle

FirstEnergy hasn’t done well in the stock market and lost nearly 15% of its value in recent months; what is dragging this company’s stock down?

Beginning Investing | December 24, 2013

Investing in 2014: The Year-End Checkup You Must Do

Want to be a better investor? Follow these simple tips and improve your investing in 2014 and beyond.

Investing | December 19, 2013

3 Down-and-Out Sectors Primed for a Big Rebound in 2014

As part of the 12 Foolish Days of Christmas, today we're looking at three sectors possibly poised for a major resurgence in 2014.

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