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Investing | January 11, 2014

Why This Utility Company Continues to Struggle

FirstEnergy hasn’t done well in the stock market and lost nearly 15% of its value in recent months; what is dragging this company’s stock down?

Beginning Investing | December 24, 2013

Investing in 2014: The Year-End Checkup You Must Do

Want to be a better investor? Follow these simple tips and improve your investing in 2014 and beyond.

Investing | December 19, 2013

3 Down-and-Out Sectors Primed for a Big Rebound in 2014

As part of the 12 Foolish Days of Christmas, today we're looking at three sectors possibly poised for a major resurgence in 2014.

Investing | December 19, 2013

Is Dominion Resources' Dividend Increase a Smart Move?

Dominion Resources just announced a 6.7% dividend hike for fiscal 2014, but is the company making the most of its money?

Investing | December 18, 2013

1 Reason Atlantic Power Corp.'s Massive 11% Dividend Isn't for You

Atlantic Power offers a huge 11% dividend yield, but investing today may simply not be worth it. Here's why.

Investing | December 17, 2013

Can These 2 Dividend Stocks Survive a Dead Deal?

Regulators rejected Entergy Corporation's and ITC Holdings Corp.'s transmission deal – can these dividend stocks still come out on top?

Investing | December 01, 2013

Is Exelon Destined for Greatness?

Utilities have been hurt in 2013, but Exelon might not be the best industry standard-bearer for the coming year.

Investing | November 09, 2013

Duke Energy Earnings: Will a Tough Quarter Crush Its Dividend?

How does Duke Energy compare with Dominion Resources, Exelon, TECO Energy, and Southern?

Investing | October 28, 2013

Can Exelon Still Compete Against Duke Energy and Southern?

The nuclear utility is still suffering from low natural-gas prices, but is Exelon really doomed to underperform utility rivals Southern and Duke Energy?

Investing | October 06, 2013

1 Dividend Stock Cleaning Up Coal

This utility is keeping its coal -- but at what cost?

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