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Investing | February 10, 2016

Analyst Upgrades Couldn't Stop Nabors Industries' 13% Slide in January

It's hard to get excited about a rig owner when rig activity is at its lowest in 17 years.

Investing | February 03, 2016

3 Reasons Halliburton Company Stock Could Fall

While the company is gearing for a rebound in 2016, its stock could still get cheaper before that happens.

Investing | February 01, 2016

What to Expect When National Oilwell Varco, Inc. Reports Earnings

The oil-field equipment maker will likely feel the pressure of falling oil prices.

Investing | January 30, 2016

Will 2016 Be Schlumberger Limited's Worst Year Yet?

There aren't a whole lot of things to like about 2016 if you 'e a Schlumberger investor. Beyond that, though...

Investing | January 27, 2016

Will Halliburton Company Raise Its Dividend in 2016?

A case could be made either way.

Investing | January 25, 2016

Halliburton Company Delivers Surprisingly Resilient Earnings

The oil-field service company’s margins in North America actually improved.

Investing | January 21, 2016

3 Things to Watch When Halliburton Company Reports Earnings

Margins, mergers, and markets will be the key focuses this quarter for the oil-field service giant.

Investing | January 20, 2016

Oil Plunge Hammers Energy Stocks Again Today

Same theme, different energy stocks taking the plunge, with Nabors Industries, CARBO Ceramics, Enbridge Energy Partners, and MPLX among those down double digits today

Investing | January 20, 2016

3 Key Points to Watch When Schlumberger Limited Reports Earnings

Investors should be looking for business results from outside North America, whisperings of 2016, and integrating Cameron International's results this coming quarter.

Investing | January 16, 2016

With Oil and Gas Down, Why Is General Electric Eyeing Halliburton's Drilling Unit?

GE's oil and gas business has been a millstone around the company's neck. Wouldn't buying Halliburton's drilling unit just be throwing money away?

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