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Investing | April 29, 2016

What the Internet of Things Means for Car Companies

Let's take a quick look at three major changes, both technological and functional, that the IoT will bring fairly soon for automakers.

Investing | April 26, 2016

Has Apple Inc. Already Made 1 Huge Mistake With Its Secret Car Project?

Apple needs to learn how to work with automakers.

Investing | April 22, 2016

3 Reasons Why the Apple Car May Fail

The leap from mobile to automobile is quite a distance.

Investing | April 20, 2016

Has BMW Given Up on Trying to Challenge Tesla Motors?

Several key leaders of BMW's electric-car team have left for a Chinese startup. Has BMW lost -- or given up -- its chance to challenge Tesla Motors?

Investing | April 04, 2016

Tesla Motors' Model 3 Should Terrify These 3 Automakers

On paper, General Motors' Chevy Bolt is the most obvious rival to Tesla's Model 3. But the new baby Tesla should have three other automakers very, very worried. Here's why.

Investing | March 16, 2016

BMW's Future Focus: Electric Cars, Self-Driving Technology -- and More SUVs

BMW announced a big future-tech push on March 16 -- along with plans to boost profitability in the near term by adding premium SUVs and sedan models.

Investing | March 09, 2016

BMW Profit Jumps 10% on Strong Sales and Currency Swings

The German luxury-car giant posted another strong year in 2015 as sales hit a new record despite slowing growth in key global markets.

Investing | December 12, 2015

SAP SE: Best Way to Invest in the Internet of Things?

Ready for cutting-edge investments? This Internet of Things company may be the opportunity for you.

Investing | November 07, 2015

BMW Profit Jumps on Gains in Europe

An ongoing recovery in key European markets, continued strong worldwide demand for luxury SUVs -- and a weak euro -- helped BMW to a 21% increase in third-quarter profits.

Investing | September 24, 2015

Why BMW Shares Got Clobbered Today

Auto investors are jittery in the wake of a massive scandal that has engulfed Volkswagen. BMW shares felt their wrath on Thursday.

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