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Investing | February 12, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Miners Plunge, but Bullion Holds Gains

Gold mining stocks gave up a big portion of their recent gains, but metals prices generally climbed somewhat. Find out the reason for the disparity here.

Investing | February 11, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Yellen Sends Gold Soaring Along With the Dow

Precious-metals investors were hoping for dovish comments from the new Fed chair, and she delivered this morning, sending stocks and metals climbing.

Investing | February 10, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Metals Climb Despite Dow Recovery

Even with the market's big jump last week and recovery from losses earlier today, gold and silver climbed. Find out why here.

Investing | February 07, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: How Stocks and Gold Both Moved Higher Today

It's been rare for markets to move in the same direction, but gold and stocks both jumped today. Find out why.

Investing | February 06, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: The Waiting Game Continues for Gold

Find out what everyone's looking forward to in the gold market.

Investing | February 05, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Precious Metals Rise, but Miners Drop

Gold posted modest gains, but silver and palladium did even better. Find out why.

Investing | February 04, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Rising Stocks Hurt Gold, but Silver Rises

A rebound in stocks sent most precious metals lower. Find out why silver bucked the trend.

Investing | February 03, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Futures Jump $20 on Stock Market Rout; Miners Mixed

The plunging stock market helped push gold prices up, although investors still aren't convinced that precious metals are a true haven.

Investing | January 31, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Metals, Miners Finish Mixed Despite Stock Market Losses

Gold prices couldn't sustain bigger price gains after stocks recovered from their worst levels of the day.

Investing | January 30, 2014

Fool's Gold Report: Stock Market Gains Crush Metals; Gold Falls $25

Strength in the U.S. economy spread to the currency and stock markets, and those factors sent precious metals down sharply today.

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