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Investing | March 30, 2015

Why Apple Inc. Will Not Acquire Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Apple simply has no need for it.

Investing | March 25, 2015

Streaming TV: What's the Big Deal About Netflix's Special Networks?

... and if Open Connect is so darn great, why isn't everyone else doing the same thing already? Online video expert Dan Rayburn explains all of this and more.

Investing | March 24, 2015

Why Gartner's Newest Report Is Good News for Apple Inc.

Gartner brings good news for Apple's premium Mac line and continued market share gains for its iPhone line.

Investing | March 21, 2015

International Business Machines Corp. and Twitter Inc.: A Match Made in Big-Data Heaven?

Can IBM transform Twitter’s chaotic “fire hose” data into a river of useful information for data licensing customers?

Investing | March 19, 2015

This Exciting Biotech Isn't Built to Last

Acadia Pharmaceuticals' Parkinson's disease drug was guaranteed a speedy review and the attention of top FDA officials. So why did this company's stock recently tank so rapidly? There's a cautionary tale here for all biotech investors.

Investing | March 18, 2015

1 Huge Threat to Intel's PC Dominance

Intel dominates the PC market, but Windows 10 could change that.

Investing | March 17, 2015

Adobe Systems Incorporated Earnings: Great Results, but Timid Guidance

Helped by a strong first-quarter report but hampered by a softer outlook, Adobe's shares fell as much as 6% Tuesday night.

Investing | March 17, 2015

Facebook Inc.'s Partnership With Intel Corporation Bodes Well for Microservers

Facebook is installing Intel’s Xeon D chips on its new microserver platform. How does this deal benefit both companies?

Investing | March 16, 2015

What You Need To Know Last Week In Tech

Tune in for the latest on Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and more on this week’s tech edition of Industry Focus.

Investing | March 10, 2015

Applied Micro’s X-Gene Is No Match for Intel Corporation’s Atom

Applied Micro's server chips just don't live up to the hype.

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