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Investing | October 14, 2013

What It's Like to Apply for Obamacare on State and Federal Health Care Exchanges

How confusing is applying for health insurance on Obamacare's state and federally-run health exchanges? We set out to answer this question and share our firsthand experiences with you.

Investing | October 09, 2013

2 Ways Obamacare's Failure So Far Is Actually a Resounding Success

Multiple server and software glitches are haunting the start of Obamacare's state and federally run health exchanges, but there are also some rays of sunshine mixed in with the clouds.

PF | October 06, 2013

Are Obamacare Penalties Driving Americans to Buy Insurance?

Some believe the opening success of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's open enrollment period is due to fears about Obamacare penalties. Will WellPoint's gambit to focus on exchanges pan out, or will UnitedHealth, Aetna, and Cigna benefit as well?

Investing | October 02, 2013

Obamacare's Irrational Exuberance?

Some are cheering Obamacare exchange glitches as proof that millions will buy health insurance. Irrational exuberance?

Investing | October 02, 2013

3 Catalysts Rockwell Medical Investors Need to Watch

This biopharmaceutical stock is on fire -- and these 3 catalysts could crank up the heat even more.

Investing | September 30, 2013

Infusing a Fragmented Market

Consolidating the home infusion market continues to offer mixed results for investors due to margin concerns.

Investing | September 29, 2013

Will Obamacare Work in New York and Vermont?

With New York and Vermont charging the same premiums under Obamacare regardless of age, it'll be interesting to see whether participation rates are different there.

Investing | September 29, 2013

Why Are Obamacare Premiums So Different Across States?

Residents around the country will face much different costs, and future actions from insurers such as Aetna and Cigna and service providers such as Health Management Associates and Universal Health could change the dynamics again.

Investing | September 28, 2013

Will This One State Destroy Obamacare's Chance of Success?

A big decision by this state will leave $79 billion federally funded dollars on the table and could keep 2.5 million low-income citizens from getting health insurance. Will its decision limit Obamcare's chance of success?

Investing | September 28, 2013

The 5 States Where Obamacare Is Cheapest

These states give health-care insurance customers the best rates, and low costs might explain why UnitedHealth, Cigna, and Aetna haven't taken full advantage of the Obamacare opportunity.

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