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Investing | September 12, 2016

5 Blue Chip Stocks You Can Buy Today

Plenty of investors ask "What is a blue chip stock?" so we answered. Here's a list of a few of the best blue chip stocks you can buy today.

Investing | September 09, 2016

Better Buy: Procter & Gamble Co. vs. Kimberly Clark

Pitting the two consumer staples giants against each other as investment candidates.

Investing | September 05, 2016

Colgate-Palmolive Co.'s Stock Split History: Is There Another One in the Works?

The consumer-products giant has a long history of splitting shares and providing double-digit returns, and with its share price at all-time highs, could another Colgate stock split be in the works?

Investing | August 30, 2016

How Risky Is Procter & Gamble Co.?

How the owner of Tide, Gillette, and Pampers might disappoint investors over the coming years.

Investing | August 26, 2016

3 Consumer Package-Goods Companies That Pay Big Dividends

These three CPG companies pay cold, hard cash.

Investing | August 19, 2016

2 Reasons Procter & Gamble Co.'s Stock Could Sink

The consumer goods giant needs a rebound in these key operating metrics for shares to keep climbing.

Investing | July 07, 2016

The Biggest Problem Facing Procter & Gamble Co Stock Right Now

P&G's business can't turn the corner until organic sales growth picks up.

Investing | June 30, 2016

Does Procter & Gamble Co Have a Wal-Mart Problem?

Its products are finding less space on Wal-Mart's shelves and seeing more competition from the retailer's in-store brands.

Investing | June 24, 2016

3 Bulletproof Dividend Stocks to Survive the Brexit Panic

Buying rock-solid dividend stocks in times of economic uncertainty tends to be a winning strategy over the long term.

Investing | June 17, 2016

Is Now the Time to Buy Procter & Gamble Co. Stock?

Investors have a chance to buy a blue-chip stock ahead of its expected sales and profit rebound, but they're also signing up for a bumpy ride.

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