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Investing | March 05, 2014

Quarterly Earnings: How Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. Just Shot the Lights Out

Smith & Wesson shares are up 18% today. Here's what investors need to know.

Investing | March 05, 2014

Which Dividend Rules the Toy Store -- Disney, Hasbro, or Mattel?

These three toy-store stocks offer unique risk-reward profiles for dividend investors. Which one suits your portfolio best?

Investing | March 04, 2014

After an Earnings-Related Sell-Off, Can Arctic Cat Ride Record Snowfall to a Rebound?

Investors sold off shares of Arctic Cat in January, after the company lowered its financial forecasts, despite favorable winter weather that has juiced snowmobile sales. Is it a good time to buy?

Investing | March 03, 2014

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. Earnings: What to Expect

The gunmaker expects further growth in earnings and revenue, but how long can the good times last?

Investing | March 03, 2014

3 Risks Affecting Polaris Industries Inc.

Polaris and its competitors have these risk factors to deal with in the powersport and motor vehicle markets.

Investing | February 27, 2014

This "Smart" Handgun Is the Future of Firearms Today

Sturm, Ruger; Smith & Wesson; and others have had a good run in the markets the last few years. Their future success will largely depend on blending technology with tradition.

Investing | February 22, 2014

What Lean Means for Polaris' Future

Polaris hopes to grow productivity with increased focus on lean manufacturing during 2014.

Investing | February 22, 2014

Has Mattel Lost the Toy Wars?

Mattel's lackluster growth might stoke fears that traditional toys and games are going the way of the buggy whip. Here's why the panic is overblown.

Investing | February 19, 2014

3D Systems Corporation Buys Digital PlaySpace in 5th Acquisition Since Dec.

3D Systems Corporation has acquired Digital PlaySpace, a game design and development studio that bolsters brand engagement for consumers.

Investing | February 15, 2014

Should You Buy Mattel or Hasbro After Weak Earnings?

Both Mattel and Hasbro failed to meet analyst expectations for the fourth quarter. Shares of Mattel fell by 10% post-earnings, making the stock look far more attractive than Hasbro's. This decline, coupled with a dividend increase, has pushed Mattel's yield above 4%, putting it on dividend growth investors' watchlists.

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