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Investing | September 22, 2016

Better Buy: Polaris Industries Inc. vs. Arctic Cat

Which off-road vehicle manufacturer is the stronger pick in the industry today?

Investing | September 19, 2016

How Cheap Does Polaris Industries Inc Stock Have to Get to Be a Buy?

Persistent recall notices have weighed heavily on the powersports vehicle manufacturer.

Investing | September 17, 2016

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp Is Ridiculously Cheap -- Here's Why You Should Buy It Today

An anomaly in FBI data opens up a big opportunity for the gunmaker to surge next month.

Investing | September 10, 2016

Think Smith & Wesson's Q1 Numbers Were Impressive? They're About to Get Even Better

Some analysts are forecasting near-term doom and gloom for the firearms industry, but that prediction is just as unjustified this quarter as it was the last time around.

Investing | September 07, 2016

Better Buy: Walt Disney Company vs. Mattel

Is the entertainment titan’s struggling stock or the toy giant’s soaring stock a better long-term investment?

Investing | August 29, 2016

Forget Smith & Wesson Holding Corp.: These 2 Stocks Are Better Buys

Sturm, Ruger and Taser have unique strengths which the gunmaker lacks.

Investing | August 24, 2016

Better Buy: Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation vs. Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Investors want to know which of these gun-makers makes a better investment right now.

Investing | August 23, 2016

How Risky Is Smith & Wesson Holding Corp Stock?

After rallying 70% over the past year, does this gunmaker still have room to run?

Investing | August 15, 2016

Is Smith & Wesson Stock As Cheap As It Looks?

Here are three ways to look at the stock -- and one clear answer.

Investing | August 06, 2016

Why Smith & Wesson Is a Better Buy Than Sturm, Ruger

Gunmakers, like the firearms they manufacturer, are not all made alike.

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