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Investing | November 03, 2016

Genomic Health, Inc.: Almost at Breakeven

The cancer-test maker reports solid third-quarter results on its way to breakeven.

Investing | November 03, 2016

Qiagen NV Jumps After Beating Its Earnings Guidance

The scientific-test maker registers a solid third quarter.

Investing | November 03, 2016

Time to Get Greedy With This Under-the-Radar Stock

Today Invitae is a tiny, money-losing genetic testing company. But the future looks incredibly bright -- and it's arriving as we speak.

Investing | October 26, 2016

Illumina, Inc. in 3 Charts

These three graphics show investors what they need to know about the genetic testing company.

Investing | October 12, 2016

3 Warning Signs from Illumina, Inc.'s Q3 Preview

There could be more problems in store for Illumina based on its disappointing sneak peek at Q3 revenue.

Investing | October 11, 2016

Why Illumina, Inc. Is Plunging Today

Shares drop in response to preliminary third-quarter results that came in well short of management's guidance.

Investing | August 29, 2016

Thermo Fisher to Buy Illumina? Not So Fast

The rumors of a $30 billion megamerger likely don’t hold water, but they could still point to some upside in gene-sequencing stocks.

Investing | August 09, 2016

Is Pacific Biosciences a Better Buy Than Illumina Right Now?

Pacific Biosciences is growing more quickly than Illumina, which is struggling to overcome sluggish demand in Europe.

Investing | August 04, 2016

Genomic Health, Inc. Pushes Toward Profitability

The cancer-test company continues to increase revenue, resulting in a smaller loss for the second quarter.

Investing | August 02, 2016

Why Pacific Biosciences Shares Jumped 21.6% in July

Optimism that its latest sequencing machine will catapult the company's sales higher is sparking a rally.

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