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Investing | July 21, 2014

Has the Scrapping Hype Been Overblown from Navios Maritime Partners and others?

Scrapping has been a real disappointment.

Investing | July 07, 2014

DryShips and Navios Maritime Holdings Are at Odds with Safe Bulkers Over 2 Important Things

DryShips, Navios Maritime Holdings, and Safe Bulkers all see blue skies ahead in dry shipping, however.

Investing | July 07, 2014

Predatory Pricing May Spark the Next Rally for DryShips, Star Bulk Carriers, and Others

Fierce commodity competition is DryShips, Star Bulk Carriers, and others’ best friend.

Investing | June 17, 2014

Why Navios Maritime Holdings and DryShips Don't Care About Stockpiles

Bears are wrong about China's iron stockpiles, and these dry bulk shipping companies have some interesting data to back them up that is hard to refute.

Investing | June 11, 2014

Diana Shipping's Greatest Fear May Now Be Inevitable

Diana Shipping cautions investors about the medium term atmosphere in the dry bulk industry.

Investing | June 08, 2014

This Chart Tells You Which Dry Shipper Will Survive

For an actual investment, this chart demonstrates Diana Shipping's superiority.

Investing | June 03, 2014

Is the Dry Bulk Shipping Market on the Brink of a Rally? Diana Shipping Thinks So

Diana Shipping sees shipping rates moving higher in the months ahead -- is there really a bull shipping market around the corner?

Investing | April 28, 2014

Navios Maritime Partners' Earnings Watch: Why All Dry Bulk Investors Should Pay Attention

Navios Maritime Partners is the first among the major dry shippers to report first quarter results

Investing | April 28, 2014

The Pivotal Point for DryShips Inc., Diana Shipping, and Others

The drybulk recovery needs a jump start. Follow this to see if it's coming.

Investing | April 23, 2014

Why China Has Less of an Effect on the Fortunes of DryShips and Navios Maritime Partners Than Imagin

Something else affects the profits of DryShips and Navios Maritime Partners far more than China...

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