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Investing | December 16, 2014

5 Things Netflix Shareholders Should Know

Netflix's Content Boss discusses how the company will prioritize its content in the coming years.

Investing | December 14, 2014

More Bad News for Cable TV: Is the Industry Finished?

The cable-TV industry appears to be struggling. Can the industry survive continued disruption without significant changes.

Investing | December 10, 2014

CBS's Deal With DISH Was About More Than Money

After a short blackout, DISH and CBS agree to a multi-year deal.

Investing | December 07, 2014

"Penguins of Madagascar" Proves Dreamworks Can't Compete With Disney

The animation studio needs hits but recently has struggled to deliver them.

Investing | December 06, 2014

Why You May Not Want A La Carte Cable Pricing

It seems like a great idea, but it may actually cost you.

Investing | December 04, 2014

Will DISH Network Give Back November's 25% Gains?

The satellite television company scored a big win last month, but its stock has already fallen off the pace in December. Find out why.

Investing | December 04, 2014

Disney Stock Prediction: To Infinity, or at Least $100, and Beyond

Disney has done incredibly well in 2014, but is the stock's run over? Here's why Disney shares still have room to grow.

Investing | December 03, 2014

4 Things Comcast Dividend Investors Need to Know

Are you hoping Comcast raises its dividend? Here are four things you need to know.

Investing | November 26, 2014

Why DISH Network Might Be Considering a Big Merger

Dish Network could sell its spectrum, but a merger with T-Mobile might also be in the cards.

Investing | November 24, 2014

5 Things to Know About Disney's "Star Wars" Empire

Expect management to learn from Marvel’s success in adding to Lucasfilm’s intergalactic epic.

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