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Investing | July 24, 2014

Will Comcast's Customer Service Ever Get Better?

An internal memo about a recorded service call that went viral suggests the company is at least aware it needs to change.

Investing | July 23, 2014

Will the NBA Double Its Television Rights Fees?

The league is looking to follow other sports and take in much more money for the right to televise its games.

Investing | July 23, 2014

Will Fox Buy Time Warner?

Rupert Murdoch is at it again, trying to pull one of the biggest deals in the history of media.

Investing | July 22, 2014

Can Universal’s Dracula and Mummy Reboots Achieve ‘Avengers’-Type Success?

Universal plans to unite its classic monsters into an Avengers-like team of “superheroes.”

Investing | July 21, 2014

Is AMC Networks, Inc. Destined to Be Acquired?

Three Fools take the Internet to discuss the prospects for a deal in the wake of Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner.

Investing | July 18, 2014

Why Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Will Fail

Here’s why Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot could be a huge flop.

Investing | July 17, 2014

Media Tycoon Rupert Murdoch Wants to Dominate U.S. Television

Twenty-First Century Fox's bid for Time Warner is about putting together a sports and filmed-content powerhouse.

Investing | July 17, 2014

What the Court Ruling Against Fox in DISH Hopper Case Means for Streaming TV Services

The decision keeps the Dish Hopper online while paving the way for further court battles.

Investing | July 16, 2014

When Theme Parks Attack

Mishaps across the theme park industry are starting to grow problematic.

Investing | July 15, 2014

What's Wrong With The Walt Disney Company Today?

Disney is one of the Dow's weakest performers on Tuesday. What's wrong in the House of Mouse?

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