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Investing | May 10, 2013

Do Energy Companies Know Something About Natural Gas Exports That We Don't?

Dominion just made a huge and risky investment in liquefied natural gas exports. What do they know that we don't?

Investing | May 10, 2013

6 Dividend Stocks With Unique Sales Strategies

Can these dividend stocks cut costs to make up for slumping sales?

Investing | May 09, 2013

3 Dividend Stocks Blown Higher by the Oil and Gas Boom

Avoid the pure play and enjoy sustainable profits.

Investing | May 08, 2013

Is It Time to Buy Atlantic Stock? Part Two

This dividend stock is cheap, but can it compete?

Investing | May 07, 2013

Is It Time to Buy Atlantic Power Stock?

A checkup on fundamentals, valuation, and business model.

Investing | May 06, 2013

PPL Earnings: 1 Dividend Stock Rocking Regulated Revenues

This dividend stock missed on sales, but its earnings stay solid.

Investing | April 30, 2013

Will Coal Kill Natural Gas Dividend Stocks?

A new report wakes natural gas from its pipe dreams.

Investing | April 23, 2013

These Dividend Stocks Go Green for Earth Day

Utilities focus on renewables for profit-pulling futures.

Investing | April 22, 2013

Will Natural Gas Prices Tank Consolidated Edison Stock?

Natural gas futures contracts are trading at well over double last year's prices. That threatens an important profitability metric for ConEd, which means its stock could be doomed.

Investing | April 19, 2013

Ask a Fool: Where Is It Legal to Export Natural Gas?

Why are U.S. natural gas exports so restricted?

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