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Investing | December 12, 2016

The Top Utility Stock to Buy for 2017

Here's an analysis of utility stocks that you won't have seen before, and why a northeastern U.S. utility comes out on top.

Investing | December 09, 2016

5 Top Utility Stocks With Good Dividends

Investors are on the hunt for dividend paying utility stocks. We've found a few.

Investing | September 01, 2016

Why Enable Midstream Partners LP Was Up 14% in August

Solid second-quarter results and a potential ownership consolidation sent this midstream company up last month.

Investing | May 25, 2016

This High-Yield Dividend Growth Stock Remains a Standout in the Utility Industry

One particular utility stock is a both a secure high-yield stalwart and a dividend growth champ. Yet many dividend investors aren't aware of it.

Investing | May 07, 2016

The Biggest Problem With National Grid Transco, PLC Stock

National Grid is a “global” utility, but it kind of isn't -- that's the biggest problem here.

Investing | March 03, 2016

Enable Midstream Earnings: Terrible 2015, and Things Might Get Even Worse in 2016

Find out why one of the most brutalized high-yield dividend energy stocks is cheap for a reason, and why high-yield investors should stay away.

Investing | December 19, 2015

4 of the Most Important Things Enable Midstream Investors Should Watch in 2016

Find out what will determine whether Enable Midstream's 14.4% yield can survive the worst oil crash in decades.

Investing | December 28, 2014

Did Dominion's Dividends Just Get a Decades-Long Shot in the Arm?

Dominion is piling up pipelines – will its dividend benefit?

Investing | July 14, 2014

3 Areas Fueling Sempra Energy’s Surprising Growth

Sempra Energy is expected to grow its earnings nearly twice as fast as fellow utilities like Dominion and Exelon. Here’s why.

Investing | July 08, 2014

3 More Reasons to Buy Enable Midstream Partners LP

Enable has an under-levered balance sheet and a top management team, and its large asset base provides operational synergies and customer retention.

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