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Investing | July 22, 2017

Do Any Department-Store Chains Really Need 1,000 Stores Anymore?

Kohl's and J.C. Penney each have more than 1,000 stores, and Macy's and Sears aren't too far behind. However, going forward, department stores might be better off investing heavily in their best stores and closing the rest.

Investing | July 19, 2017

10 Highest-Yielding Dividend Stocks Today: To Buy or Not to Buy

S&P 500 companies with yields above 5% are rare. They can also be risky. So before you add any to your portfolio, there are a few tests worth performing.

Investing | July 18, 2017

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy in July

When a stock's dividend yield rises like the mercury, investors can get burned. But Kohl's, Verizon Communications, and Caretrust REIT could just be summer bargains.

Investing | July 17, 2017

Can Appliances and Mattresses Save Sears?

Maybe the department store retailer should give up its soft lines and narrow its focus. Or not.

Investing | July 13, 2017

3 Great Reasons to Sell J.C. Penney Stock

The struggling retailer isn't the bargain it appears to be.

Investing | July 13, 2017

Target Corporation Sent Retail Stocks Flying Today -- Here's What You Need to Know

A surprising increase in second-quarter guidance led Target shares higher along with the broader retail sector.

Investing | July 12, 2017

Macy's Stock Is Being Unfairly Punished -- and That's an Opportunity

Investors seem to be dumping Macy's stock as fast as they can, even though the company remains solidly profitable and has a huge portfolio of valuable real estate.

Investing | July 02, 2017

America Has Room for 1 More Mall (at Least)

The United States has too many malls, but it can still be profitable to build a new one under certain circumstances.

Investing | June 26, 2017

Dead Stock Walking: Sears Holdings Has Nowhere to Go but Down

This zombie retailer thinks it's clinging to life, but it's dead and just doesn't know it.

Investing | June 25, 2017 Just Crushed Department Store Stocks Again With Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe is Amazon's latest foray into the fashion market. Should department stores be worried?

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