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Investing | September 26, 2015

This Beaten-Down Retailer Is America's Favorite Department Store

Even though its fortunes have taken a turn for the worse lately, this department store chain has managed to strike a chord with consumers.

Investing | September 23, 2015

Is Target Corporation About to Make the Same Mistake as J.C. Penney?

Getting rid of a popular line of clothes could be a decision it comes to regret.

Investing | September 23, 2015

Did J.C. Penney Just Pick Its Future CEO?

Replacing its chief merchant is just the latest in a series of big executive moves and has some succession planning implications.

Investing | September 17, 2015

Is J.C. Penney About to Make a Fashion Faux Pas?

The department store chain has made quick work of recovering its financial balance by sticking to the basics, but it may be about to go off the rails once more.

Investing | September 15, 2015

Does Deep Discounting Mean These Retailers Are in Deep Trouble?

When even the well-to-do are going down market, the industry may be in more trouble than previously thought

Investing | September 10, 2015

Why Dollar Tree Inc Might Regret Buying Family Dollar

Here's why Dollar Tree's huge $8.5 billion acquisition of Family Dollar isn't working out so far.

Investing | September 09, 2015

Why Macy's Store Closure Move Is Brilliant

Yes, folks, Macy's is just that good.

Investing | September 02, 2015

Netflix Inc. Strategy Changing Course as It Gives Up Major Hollywood Titles

Netflix is slimming down its library, while Dollar Tree is bulking up.

Investing | August 28, 2015

This Beaten-Down Retailer Looks Like a Buy

After a big decline in its stock price, Kohl's should be on every value investor's radar.

Investing | August 23, 2015

Off the Rack and Onto the Web: How Nordstrom is Reaping the Retail Space

Sales growth has stalled out at most department stores in the past couple of years. But that's not true at Nordstrom, where revenue continues to grow at a high-single-digit pace. What is Nordstrom's secret to success?

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