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Investing | April 22, 2016

Nordstrom Cuts More Jobs: What It Means for Investors

The retailer is cutting hundreds of jobs, but it isn't giving up on growth.

Investing | April 21, 2016

Why These Sporting Goods Retailers Are Losing Out to the Competition

The sporting goods industry has become the latest example of how competition and disruption are forcing everyone from big-box chains to mom-and-pop stores to adapt to the new world order in retail.

Investing | April 21, 2016

J.C. Penney Stock Has Huge Upside Potential

J.C. Penney shares could surge in the next few years as the company unleashes its massive operating leverage.

Investing | April 19, 2016

Wall Street Finally Says "Buy" J.C. Penney Inc., But Is It Time to Sell?

Is this just a case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted?

Investing | April 10, 2016

Where Will J.C. Penney Be in 10 Years?

The department store chain is steering its way out of the retail swamp Ron Johnson drove it into. But where does the road ahead lead for the retailer? Three Fools weigh in.

Investing | April 08, 2016

As Minimum Wages Go Up, Looks Like the Big Winner

Amazon's business model gives it a significant advantage over rivals.

Investing | April 07, 2016

5 Charts That Explain What Big Lots Inc. Shares Are Doing

The closeout merchandise retailer is producing higher profits again after a depressing four-year slump.

Investing | April 05, 2016

Should J.C. Penney Be Worried About Doing This?

J.C. Penney has built its recovery around one particular type of merchandise (clothes); now, the e-commerce giant is dipping a toe into that same segment.

Investing | April 03, 2016

This Company Is Best Positioned to Capitalize on Sears' Demise

J.C. Penney is taking steps to grab sales from Sears.

Investing | March 30, 2016

Better Buy: J.C. Penney Company, Inc. vs. Kohl's

Both retail chains are well into major turnaround efforts.

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