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Investing | September 17, 2017

Global Oil Demand is Surging But That’s Still Not Enough to Fix the Oil Market

Here's why the fastest growth in two years is barely denting stockpiles.

Investing | September 16, 2017

The U.S. Government Just Poured More Cold Water on the Oil Market Recovery

The EIA's latest short-term energy outlook doesn't paint a very bullish picture.

Investing | September 08, 2017

Here's Why Range Resources Corp.'s Stock Is Sinking Today

The stock fell after a big bank weighed in with new thoughts on the natural gas driller’s future.

Investing | September 05, 2017

3 Reasons EOG Resources Inc Is a Better Growth Stock Than Devon Energy Corp

When it comes to oil growth, EOG Resources is by far the better option.

Investing | September 01, 2017

Better Buy: Apache Corp. vs. Devon Energy

The stock market has hammered shares of both of these oil and gas industry players over the past year. But both are showing an improved outlook. Which is the better buy?

Investing | August 29, 2017

What Hurricane Harvey Means for Oil Stocks

Catastrophic storm Hurricane Harvey has walloped Houston -- the epicenter of the nation's oil industry -- and the extent of the damage isn't yet known. Here's what investors should know about the market's reaction, and where things may go from here.

Investing | August 27, 2017

We Finally Learned That Leveraged Oil Stocks Without a Cost Advantage Probably Are Bad Investments

Everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is to learn from them.

Investing | August 26, 2017

3 Key Takeaways from Anadarko Petroleum's Q2 2017 Earnings

The oil and gas industry player's quarterly performance was middling, and the outlook doesn't seem to bode well. Can the company reverse the trend?

Investing | August 19, 2017

4 Things EOG Resources Inc.'s CEO Wants You to Know About How It Responds to Lower Oil Prices

The shale giant’s CEO answered the question on everyone’s mind.

Investing | August 16, 2017

How Cheniere Energy, Inc. Makes Most of Its Money

The liquified natural gas (LNG) project developer brings in a boatload of cash flow doing this one thing.

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