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Investing | January 09, 2017

These 5 Oil Stocks Were Smoking Hot in December

Rising oil prices and some company-specific catalysts drove double-digit rallies in Kosmos Energy, RigNet, Abraxas Petroleum, California Resources, and Hess last month.

Investing | January 06, 2017

A Reduced Payout Could Be Imminent for These High-Yield Dividend Stocks

Coal MLPs Alliance Holdings GP, L.P., and Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. face an uphill battle as they strive to hold off another distribution cut.

Investing | December 31, 2016

The 5 Best Oil Stocks of 2016

Rising oil prices fueled robust returns for oil investors in 2016.

Investing | December 20, 2016

2 Great Stocks You Can Buy on Sale

Both Gilead Sciences and Alliance Holdings GP are selling at pretty considerable discounts right now.

Investing | December 19, 2016

These 2 Hated Dividend Stocks Are Buys

The damage has been done at these two high-yielders, which is why is why you might want to consider buying them now.

Investing | December 15, 2016

Better Buy: Alliance Resource Partners LP vs. Cameco Corporation

Two companies selling out-of-favor fuels, but one has material long-term potential.

Investing | December 13, 2016

While Global Coal Prices Go Hyperbolic, Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. Will Be Left in the Dust

The coal-producing MLP will not benefit all that much from the recent rally in the coal market.

Investing | December 12, 2016

Here's Why Baytex Energy Corp.'s Stock Is Soaring Today

A quartet of catalysts is driving today’s rally.

Investing | December 09, 2016

Here’s Why Hess Corp.'s Stock Jumped 17% Last Month

The oil company got some good news from an unlikely source.

Investing | December 01, 2016

These Are Alliance Holdings GP, L.P.'s Smartest Moves of 2016

The coal general partner and its MLP took advantage of rising coal prices.

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