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Investing | February 12, 2016

Peabody Energy Won't Last Long Posting Earnings Results Like This

If Peabody's coal sales can't even pay the bills, how is it going to pay down its $6 billion in debt?

Investing | February 05, 2016

LINN Energy LLC Throws in the Towel

Oil and gas MLP hires a restructuring advisor and maxes out its credit facility.

Investing | January 31, 2016

Alliance Resource Partners Earnings: More Bad Than Good

Alliance Resource Partners is the cleanest shirt in in coal's dirty laundry, but it looks like results are set to get a little dirtier.

Investing | January 30, 2016

Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. Earnings Feel a Slight Chill From the Frozen Coal Market

The coal master limited partnership sees tough times ahead, but remains in a much stronger position than its peers.

Investing | January 26, 2016

Alliance Resource Partners LP Continues to Weather an Atrocious Coal Market

Revenue and earnings started to slip on lower coal prices, but Alliance Resource Partners has given itself a lot of wiggle room with its operations to survive 2016.

Investing | January 23, 2016

Oil Prices: Have We Finally Reached the Breaking Point?

The first signs that producers are throwing in the towel have started to emerge.

Investing | January 22, 2016

Is There Anything Alliance Resource Partners L.P.'s Earnings Can Do to Stop Its Stock Slide?

Alliance Resources Partners L.P. may be outperforming its peers, but for some reason, its stock sure hasn't.

Investing | January 20, 2016

This Is the Only Thing Oil Companies Will Be Doing for the Next Few Years

After years of debt-fueled growth, oil companies will spend the next few years delevering.

Investing | January 16, 2016

Oil Investing: 3 Bold Predictions for 2016

The bottom for oil, the end of upstream master limited partnerships, and a megamerger.

Investing | January 09, 2016

The Best Alliance Resource Partners LP Headlines in 2015

It was a bad year for Alliance Resource Partners in 2015, but that doesn't mean there weren't some bright spots.

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