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Investing | November 24, 2015

5 Things Apache Corporation's CEO Wants You to Know

CEO John Christmann highlights the progress Apache made over the past year.

Investing | November 21, 2015

This Dividend Only Has One Way to Go

Thanks to low oil prices, dividends in the energy industry have been going down, but ConocoPhillips believes that’s the wrong way for a dividend to go.

Investing | November 18, 2015

With Defaults On the Way, Will Big Oil Go Shopping?

We’ve talked about defaults before, but this time we mean it.

Investing | October 31, 2015

Alliance Resource Partners' Earnings Grow in Spite of the Abysmal Coal Market

The coal master limited partnership produced solid results despite the weak coal market.

Investing | October 27, 2015

Peabody Energy's Stock Sinks More Than 20% on Dismal Outlook

The coal market isn't getting any better, and it looks like access to capital markets is getting weaker by the day for Peabody and other indebted coal miners.

Investing | October 26, 2015

Can Alliance Resource Partners Keep Posting Results That Defy Coal Industry Trends?

Alliance Natural Resource Partners has remained profitable despite the brutal coal market, can it keep the good times going this quarter?

Investing | September 21, 2015

Which Oil ETF Is the Best to Play a Rebound in the Oil Market?

A look at the top oil ETFs.

Investing | September 14, 2015

There's Something Big Hiding Within Hess Corp.

After unlocking the value of its Bakken midstream assets, Hess Corp. now has another asset that investors don’t seem to be recognizing.

Investing | September 08, 2015

Occidental Petroleum Corporation: An Often Overlooked Oil Company

Occidental Petroleum Corporation has the safety of an integrated oil company with the growth of an independent, yet investors continue to overlook it.

Investing | September 03, 2015

Shares of BP Prudhoe Bay Trust Couldn't Stop Their Long Decline in August

BP Prudhoe Bay Trust was another oil price victim this past month.

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