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Investing | February 24, 2014

Herbalife: The Record-Setting Year in Review

Herbalife just released its fourth-quarter report, capping off a record-setting year. Let's see where the company could go from here.

Investing | February 23, 2014

3 Key Takeaways From Herbalife's Mixed Week

Herbalife shares rose on a positive fourth-quarter report as a new crackdown in China threatens the company's leading growth market.

Investing | February 12, 2014

GNC: The Nutrition Giant Is Set to Report Fourth-Quarter Results

Is it time to buy this beaten-down giant?

Investing | January 30, 2014

Should You Buy the Dip in This Direct-Selling Company?

Tupperware seems to be unfairly punished for operating in the direct-selling industry. Is it a buying opportunity?

Investing | January 24, 2014

China's Attack on Nu Skin Is Terrible for Herbalife and Usana

Analysts have come to their defense, but investors in Nu Skin Enterprises, Herbalife, and Usana Health Sciences should remain cautious.

Investing | January 21, 2014

Can This Month's 3 Worst Stocks Be Next Month's Big Winners?

Nu Skin, Best Buy, and SodaStream took a tumble in the last few weeks. One or more of them might be a much better investment after the fall.

Investing | January 21, 2014

Herbalife: The Global Nutrition Giant Is About to Report

Herbalife has reported three record-setting quarters in fiscal 2013 and the company is gearing up to make it a record year all the way around.

Investing | January 18, 2014

Friday's Biggest Health-Care Loser: Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

Shares of Nu Skin continue their freefall, after reports from China indicate that its government will be investigating the company on suspicion of a pyramid scheme.

Investing | January 18, 2014

3 Horrendous Health-Care Stocks This Week

Why Intercept Pharmaceuticals, USANA Health Sciences, and Corcept Therapeutics were stinkers and sinkers this week.

Investing | January 18, 2014

Herbalife's Sharp Decline Is Your Opportunity

Herbalife has pulled back after Nu Skin was accused of being a pyramid scheme in China, leaving investors scratching their heads and wondering what to do.

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