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Investing | September 04, 2014

Merck & Co., Inc. Wins First Stage of the PD-1 Race

Merck gains FDA approval for Keytruda, but the race isn't over yet.

Investing | August 26, 2014

3 Reasons Celgene Corporation's Stock Could Fall

Celgene shares are up more than 1,200% over the past decade. But these three headwinds could be the brick wall that sends its stock lower.

Investing | July 15, 2014

Why Is Wall Street Bullish on These 3 Stocks?

Wall Street has been buying AbbVie, Allergan, and Pfizer and short-sellers have stayed away from these stocks. Here's why.

Investing | July 12, 2014

This Week in Biotech: Anacor's FDA A-OK and AbbVie's Insatiable Urge to Buy Something

Anacor gets a key pipeline product approved, Bristol-Myers prepares for a landmark new drug filing, and AbbVie continues its never-ending quest to buy Shire.

Investing | July 04, 2014

Would You Support U.S. Companies Making This "Un-American" Move?

Corporate tax inversion is becoming endemic in the health care industry. Where do you stand after viewing both the positive and negative implications of this tax-fleeing corporate strategy?

Investing | July 02, 2014

Should Dividend Investors Eject Abbott Laboratories Stock?

World Cup fever spreads to dividend stock AbbVie

Investing | June 24, 2014

Takeover Tango: Healthcare's Best Dance Partner Is...

AbbVie and Shire. Valeant and Allergan. The drugmaker deal dances are underway -- but it takes two to tango.

Investing | June 24, 2014

AstraZeneca Gets a Chance to Prove Its Worth to Pfizer

A positive result at an FDA advisory committee for AstraZeneca's olaparib, which will compete with AbbVie's veliparib, could make the British company more attractive to Pfizer.

Investing | June 23, 2014

Biotech 101: Off-Label Prescriptions

Investors can learn something from Medivation, GlaxoSmithKline, Amarin and AstraZeneca.

Investing | June 16, 2014

Should Pfizer Buy Bristol-Myers Squibb Instead of AstraZeneca?

Yes, Pfizer should buy Bristol-Myers Squibb instead of AstraZeneca, but it won't.

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