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Investing | July 15, 2014

Why Is Wall Street Bullish on These 3 Stocks?

Wall Street has been buying AbbVie, Allergan, and Pfizer and short-sellers have stayed away from these stocks. Here's why.

Investing | July 12, 2014

This Week in Biotech: Anacor's FDA A-OK and AbbVie's Insatiable Urge to Buy Something

Anacor gets a key pipeline product approved, Bristol-Myers prepares for a landmark new drug filing, and AbbVie continues its never-ending quest to buy Shire.

Investing | July 04, 2014

Would You Support U.S. Companies Making This "Un-American" Move?

Corporate tax inversion is becoming endemic in the health care industry. Where do you stand after viewing both the positive and negative implications of this tax-fleeing corporate strategy?

Investing | July 02, 2014

Should Dividend Investors Eject Abbott Laboratories Stock?

World Cup fever spreads to dividend stock AbbVie

Investing | June 24, 2014

Takeover Tango: Healthcare's Best Dance Partner Is...

AbbVie and Shire. Valeant and Allergan. The drugmaker deal dances are underway -- but it takes two to tango.

Investing | June 24, 2014

AstraZeneca Gets a Chance to Prove Its Worth to Pfizer

A positive result at an FDA advisory committee for AstraZeneca's olaparib, which will compete with AbbVie's veliparib, could make the British company more attractive to Pfizer.

Investing | June 23, 2014

Biotech 101: Off-Label Prescriptions

Investors can learn something from Medivation, GlaxoSmithKline, Amarin and AstraZeneca.

Investing | June 16, 2014

Should Pfizer Buy Bristol-Myers Squibb Instead of AstraZeneca?

Yes, Pfizer should buy Bristol-Myers Squibb instead of AstraZeneca, but it won't.

Investing | June 13, 2014

Could This Buyout Go Down As One of the Worst Deals Ever?

It'd be pretty difficult to unseat Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide Financial, but this nearly $4 billion biotech buyout may go down as one of the worst deals on record.

Investing | June 04, 2014

Why Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc., Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company, and Allergan Inc. Are Today's 3 W

From cancelled contracts to hostile takeovers, these three companies ended at the bottom of the stock market today

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