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Investing | June 03, 2014

3 Reasons to Watch ANSYS Today

Engineering simulation provider ANSYS Inc. has been delivering solid results for years. Why is right now a particularly good moment to consider buying its stock?

Investing | May 27, 2014

Is the Best Pure Cloud Stock Now? may have lost value as of late, but this doesn't mean it presents a value opportunity!

Investing | March 29, 2014

3 Stocks Revolutionizing Cloud-Based Health Care

Could Veeva, Athenahealth, and Covisint revolutionize cloud-based health care?

Investing | March 13, 2014

Cloud Storage: Not a Great Place to Store Your Money

As cloud computing and big data companies fight over supply, expenses are increasing and profit margins are decreasing. The industry has under-performed the broader index, but with research it is possible to find a good pick in this sector.

Investing | February 25, 2014

Keep Investing in the Cloud, It's Working

Software companies that are shifting their offerings into the cloud are outperforming the markets, and investors should look closely at the theme.

Investing | December 09, 2013

Why Adobe Systems Should Finally Stand Up to Oracle and Salesforce

After a year of transition to its subscription-based model, Adobe Systems can finally start looking for future growth in its ongoing battle against Oracle, Salesforce, and other companies that have offered cloud-based software for recurring revenue.

Investing | September 14, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Panic If Adobe Earnings Fall

The well-known software company made a shift in strategy, explaining a likely drop in Adobe Systems earnings.

Investing | May 31, 2013

Why Autodesk Is Poised to Outperform

Market-trouncing returns could be written in this 4-Star.

Investing | May 17, 2013

Why Autodesk Shares Plunged

Is this meaningful? Or just another movement?

Investing | April 01, 2013

America's 9th Best CEO Will Give You an Investing Edge

Where respect rules, a company can perform exceptionally well.

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