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Investing | July 22, 2014

Is It Time to Go Fishing for Gains at Aeropostale?

Teen retailer Aeropostale's share price seems to have steadied lately after a harrowing drop over the past 12 months. Could it be time to buy in?

Investing | June 30, 2014

The Finish Line Is Running at Full Speed: Is the Stock a Winner?

The Finish Line is running full speed ahead, and competitors such as Foot Locker and Dick’s Sporting Goods are confirming that industry demand remains strong across the board. Is this sporting goods retailer is in the right position to continue delivering healthy gains in the years ahead?

Investing | June 29, 2014

After a Bad Start to 2014, Is the Story Intact at Dick's Sporting Goods?

Shareholders in athletic-products retailer Dick's Sporting Goods haven't been too happy in 2014, with the company's shares down sharply after it posted underwhelming financial results. Is it time to buy in?

Investing | June 24, 2014

Will Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Earnings Make Shares Look Dirt Cheap?

The home-goods retailer trades at an inexpensive valuation, but is the stock a value trap?

Investing | June 18, 2014

How Sneakerheads Are Changing the Way Nike and Adidas Do Business

What was once a fringe group is now dictating how the footwear giants operate.

Investing | June 17, 2014

Is There Any Chance of a Rebound for These 3 Brands?

Investing in teen retail is fraught with risks, but Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, and American Eagle all think they're the brand to make it a success.

Investing | June 16, 2014

Abercrombie & Fitch: Sustainable Recovery or Short-Term Bounce?

Even if Abercrombie & Fitch delivered better-than-expected financial performance for the last quarter, sales and margins are still falling. Besides, reports from competitors American Eagle and Aeropostale confirm that industry conditions remain savagely competitive. Maybe it’s too early to bet on a sustainable turnaround from Abercrombie and Fitch.

Investing | June 09, 2014

Why Gap Is Opening Factories in Myanmar

Gap will be the first U.S. apparel retailer to move to Myanmar. Are the risks of political instability worth the rewards of lower cost goods?

Investing | June 06, 2014

Brown Shoe or DSW: Which Footwear Retailer Posted the Better First Quarter?

Brown Shoe and DSW have both recently reported their earnings, so let's find out which stood out as the best footwear retailer during the quarter.

Investing | May 30, 2014

Conn's, Inc. Earnings: Can the Electronics Retailer Bounce Back?

Conn's stock plunged after last quarter's earnings report. Can the company rebound?

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