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Investing | August 05, 2016

2 Retail Stocks I'd Buy Right Now

American Eagle Outfitters and Wal-Mart represent two solid ways to invest in the volatile retail industry.

Investing | July 29, 2016

Aeropostale Seeking a Buyer: What Investors Need to Know

Traditional retail continues to struggle, as illustrated by Aeropostale's situation. How should investors interested in retail clothing proceed?

Investing | July 09, 2016

A Look at the Market's Biggest Headlines

Why bad reports caused one company to pop and another to drop, and our (wrong) predictions for the Brexit vote.

Investing | July 03, 2016

Dick's Sporting Goods Won't Fall Into Best Buy's Trap

The sporting-goods retailer moved higher after a favorable analyst nod and a shrewd acquisition.

Investing | June 27, 2016

In Defense of the Share Buyback...

Of course a stock buyback doesn't look good to Wall Street. Their investing time horizon is too different from yours or mine.

Investing | June 24, 2016

Why Finish Line Inc. Shares Popped Today

The athletic apparel retailer jumped on a better-than-expected earnings report.

Investing | June 08, 2016

Retail Meltdown: Which Chains Are Closing Stores in 2016?

A number of big-name retailers are getting smaller as they try to find a way to succeed in an increasingly online world.

Investing | June 04, 2016

Why Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is a Turnaround Stock to Buy Today

The appointment of a former leading PepsiCo executive has excited investors in Advance Auto Parts Inc. Can it now start to catch up to AutoZone, Inc. and O'Reilly Automotive?

Investing | May 29, 2016

Sports Authority Is History; What Does It Mean for the Industry Survivors?

Does the company's bankruptcy spell opportunity for other sporting goods retailers?

Investing | May 25, 2016

Best Buy Isn't Dead, but It Is Dying

The consumer electronics superstore chain's shares slumped after it reported a mixed quarter, and its long-term outlook isn't very encouraging.

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