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Investing | April 15, 2015

Why Verizon Believes You Don't Need Unlimited Data

The company is using an outside analyst on its website to make an argument nobody is likely to believe.

Investing | April 15, 2015

Does AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile Offer the Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Deal?

Buying the new flagship phone can be a confusing affair.

Investing | April 11, 2015

Has T-Mobile Already Overtaken Sprint in Subscribers?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere thinks so, but Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is improving his company.

Investing | April 07, 2015

This Country Loves the iPhone More Than the United States (Hint: It’s Not China)

In this country, one of every two smartphones bought is an Apple iPhone.

Investing | March 28, 2015

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint: Can You Guess Which is America's Favorite Wireless Brand?

The big four wireless companies maintain the lion's share of more than 350 million wireless subscribers in the U.S.; but that doesn't mean they're created equally. According to a recent research study, one wireless provider is better than the rest at inspiring brand loyalty. Can you guess which wireless provider is America's favorite?

Investing | March 18, 2015

T-Mobile Now Wants Its Prepaid Customers to Stash Their Data, Too

T-Mobile needs its new Data Stash offer to help stave off rising prepaid churn rates.

Investing | March 17, 2015

Verizon Communications Inc. CFO Expects Wireless Cancellations to Increase

Fran Shammo was overwhelmingly positive during a recent presentation but does see increased churn for his company in the near future.

Investing | March 11, 2015

The Single Worst Practice of Wireless Providers

Customer service is seriously lacking among wireless carriers -- but it might not matter to the companies as much as you think.

Investing | March 11, 2015

What Is Google Inc. Getting At With Its Wireless Service?

Google's new MVNO will start small, but could cause big problems.

Investing | March 08, 2015

Believe It Or Not, This Carrier No Longer Has the Worst Wireless Network

Sprint managed to pull ahead of T-Mobile in the second half of 2014, but can it keep up the pace?

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