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Investing | February 13, 2015

You'll Never Guess Who is Buying Up Verizon Communications Inc's Scraps

Verizon is unloading some $15 billion of its wired and wireless assets. Spectrum licenses are expensive, and Big Red just can't afford to take on any more debt.

Investing | February 12, 2015

What Amazon Needs to Do to Save the Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone was a disaster. Can the company succeed the second time around?

Investing | February 09, 2015

1 Chart Showing Verizon Communications Is the Dominant Wireless Carrier, Even at the Super Bowl

The nation's top wireless carrier outpaced the competition's data usage at the Super Bowl, by a long shot.

Investing | February 07, 2015

Who Won America's Biggest Wireless Auction?

The big boys danced with an unexpected bidding partner. But where were T-Mobile and Sprint?

Investing | February 05, 2015

Sprint Corporation Earnings: One Small Step for Son

Sprint reported mixed results in the third quarter, but its turnaround efforts seem to be working. Still, management has plenty of work left to do.

Investing | February 04, 2015

3 Reasons DISH Network Just Spent $13 Billion on Wireless Spectrum It Cannot Use

The company might enter a new business, or it could just cash in.

Investing | February 02, 2015

Did Cablevision Just Disrupt the Wireless Market?

The company is offering a new service which could be a game changer.

Investing | February 02, 2015

Amazon’s Earnings Surprise While Google Flops

Industry Focus reviews an eventful week in tech, looking at the winners and losers among major players Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Investing | February 01, 2015

T-Mobile Doesn’t Care About Your Credit Score

The Un-carrier is making it easier for customers to get the best smartphone deals.

Investing | January 31, 2015

Will Sprint's New Offer Help It Win Customers From T-Mobile?

The company's new offer is aggressive, but is it targeting the right competitor?

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