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Investing | December 06, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge Won't Beat Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge arrives in the U.S., but it doesn't have what it takes to topple Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

Investing | December 06, 2014

Sprint Wants to Cut Your Phone Bill in Half

The carrier will cut AT&T and Verizon customers' bills in half if they switch to Sprint.

Investing | December 04, 2014

Does Sprint's Half-Price Offer Show It Values AT&T and Verizon Customers More Than Its Own?

The company has a bold, new pricing offer, but it won't be offering the deal to its existing users.

Investing | December 03, 2014

How Competition Between Wireless Carriers Benefits Apple, Inc.

Heated competition between national carriers in the U.S. continues to be a boon for Apple iPhone sales. Two new promotions from T-Mobile and Sprint highlight just how heated the battle is.

Investing | December 03, 2014

Why Sprint Communications Inc. Plunged 14% in November

The mobile carrier has had a tough time lately, and it's uncertain whether it can ever truly catch up with its rivals in the wireless network space.

Investing | December 01, 2014

Sprint Is Named Worst Mobile Phone Carrier, But Is It the Worst Telecom Stock?

Sprint may be the worst carrier in the U.S., but after big stock losses in 2014, could it be an attractive investment?

Investing | November 29, 2014

Guess Which Mobile Phone Company Is The Lowest Rated? (Hint: It’s Not Verizon)

The recent Consumer Reports survey gives good news and bad news for this provider.

Investing | November 26, 2014

Verizon Again Shows It's Not Playing Nice With Competing Carriers

Verizon just made switching to a new carrier more difficult for its customers, which might seem anti-competitive but will probably prove to be a wise decision long-term.

Investing | November 26, 2014

Why DISH Network Might Be Considering a Big Merger

Dish Network could sell its spectrum, but a merger with T-Mobile might also be in the cards.

Investing | November 23, 2014

Which Mobile Phone Company Has the Highest Early Termination Fees? (Hint: It Isn’t AT&T)

Want to leave this carrier? It will cost you

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