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Investing | December 28, 2016

Stock Face-Off: Verizon Communications Inc. vs. Sprint Corp.

It's the classic tale of David and Goliath, except that David's strongest weapon might be a $50 billion megamerger.

Investing | December 23, 2016

1 Big Reason Sprint Subscribers Might Start Leaving

Customers who cut their bills in half two years ago are now facing price increases.

Investing | December 16, 2016

Better Buy: Frontier Communications Corporation vs. AT&T

In a space where bigger is usually better, there's only one scenario where the smaller company comes out ahead.

Investing | December 13, 2016

Thanks to Trump, Sprint and T-Mobile Could Be the Blockbuster $90 Billion Megadeal of 2017

This deal is far from a sure bet, but it's a lot more likely under a Trump administration.

Investing | December 10, 2016

3 Companies That Doubled in 2016

Finisar, Sprint, and SodaStream have all doubled their share prices in 2016. Here's how.

Investing | December 06, 2016

10-Point Checklist for Investing in Telecom Companies (Part 2)

In the second part of our primer on buying telecom stocks, we look at five more important areas investors need to research before purchasing shares.

Investing | December 05, 2016

T-Mobile Is Excited About a Trump Administration

Less regulation could benefit the Un-carrier in a couple of different ways.

Investing | December 05, 2016

How Sprint Corp. Shares Gained 23% in November

The Trump triumph makes a Sprint/T-Mobile merger look more likely. That's what telecom investors are betting on, anyway.

Investing | December 03, 2016

A 10-Point Checklist for Investing in Telecom Stocks (Part 1)

Analyzing telecom stocks can seem, at times, like speaking another language. Here’s a brief rundown on the most important items to research when investing in telecoms.

Investing | November 09, 2016

After Years of Being Pursued, T-Mobile Is Crushing It By Going Alone

Sometimes it's better to be single.

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