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Investing | November 10, 2014

4 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Your Wireless Carrier

This wireless carrier has the best network and the happiest customers, but it doesn't come cheap.

Investing | November 08, 2014

Which Major Cell Phone Carrier Is Most Likely To Get Dumped? (Hint: It's Not Verizon)

Based on surveys, between network performance and churn rate it appears some customers aren't feeling the love.

Investing | November 08, 2014

3 Ploys Wireless Carriers Use to Inflate Your Cell Phone Bill

It's possible to avoid these costs traps, but it takes vigilance.

Investing | November 07, 2014

3 Things T-Mobile's John Legere Wants You to Know About His Competitors

The outspoken T-Mobile CEO is not shy when it comes to telling people what's wrong with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. And his tactics seem to be working.

Investing | November 05, 2014

4 Lessons I Learned by Holding Verizon Stock for Nearly a Decade

Verizon has undergone many changes over the last decade, and of those big decisions, here is what I've learned that may dictate Verizon's next 10 years.

Investing | November 04, 2014

Sprint Is About to Pass the No. 3 Title to T-Mobile

T-Mobile CEO Legere is about to be proven right. Sprint's dismal earnings are testing investors' patience.

Investing | November 03, 2014

Sprint Posts Operating Loss and Cuts 2,000 Jobs

Sprint loses 500,000 postpaid phone subscribers and misses Wall Street expectations by a long shot.

Investing | November 03, 2014

The FTC Calls Bluff on AT&T's Seemingly "Unlimited" Data Plan

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to create a clear, legal definition for the word "unlimited" and AT&T is in its crosshairs.

Dividends & Income Investing | October 27, 2014

It's Official: AT&T Inc. Made a Huge Mistake

AT&T made a decision early this year that seemed like a good idea, but almost a year later, the only outcome is lower revenue per user and disappointing subscriber growth.

Investing | October 25, 2014

Verizon Found A Sneaky New Way To Make Cell Phone Customers Pay More

The company changed the terms of one of its most popular deals in a very quiet fashion.

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