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Investing | July 28, 2016

International Acquisitions Drive American Tower Corp's Growth in Q2

Telecom tower REIT is tweaking its guidance just a bit to reflect its improved outlook for the balance of the year.

Investing | July 27, 2016

Is Sprint Back? Beleaguered Carrier Adds 173,000 Postpaid Phone Customers

Sprint has proved that it can lure in new phone customers, but its financials still need a lot of help.

Investing | July 20, 2016

Verizon Communications' New Data Plans Are Some of Its Most Popular to Date

The nation's largest wireless carrier says its customers are signing up for its new plans faster than they did for its previous two major plan changes.

Investing | July 08, 2016

Verizon Is Showing Off Its Pricing Power

Verizon is increasing prices, and that's good for investors.

Investing | June 26, 2016

The 5G Wireless Revolution Just Started With This Move

In a recent speech, the FCC chairman probably kickstarted the 5G movement, but it will be some time before AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint brings the service to consumers.

Investing | June 16, 2016

Instant Analysis: T-Mobile Adds New Binge On Video Streaming Partners

T-Mobile now has nearly 90 partners for one of its most popular Uncarrier features.

Investing | June 16, 2016

This Wireless Carrier Has the Happiest Customers

While all four major U.S. carriers snipe at each other, it seems the public has clear favorites.

Investing | June 06, 2016

T-Mobile Giving Customers Stock, Free Stuff

CEO John Legere continued his industry-disrupting ways at the wireless carrier's latest Un-carrier event.

Investing | June 06, 2016

Verizon's "Can Your Hear Me Now" Guy Now Works for Sprint

Picture Kool-Aid Man working for Gatorade or if Col. Sanders started appearing in ads for Chick fil-A. The wireless carrier has made a bold play for attention and it may work.

Investing | June 03, 2016

Which Wireless Company Has the Worst Customer Service?

The last-place finisher in a recent survey actually may have a reason to be happy with the results.

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