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Investing | November 21, 2015

Sprint's Major Announcement Is Same Old Half-Off Deal

The company promised a major announcement, but it didn't really live up to the hype.

Investing | November 20, 2015

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program Is Already Hurting AT&T and Verizon

Apple's unlocked iPhones give customers more freedom to switch carriers.

Investing | November 18, 2015

Sprint vs. T-Mobile: Which Carrier Ruled the Quarter?

Both telecoms made big strides in the third quarter, but one's lead in postpaid net additions, positive net income, and sheer momentum made it the clear winner.

Investing | November 16, 2015

Best Dividend Stocks for 2016

The cast of Industry Focus focuses on dividends.

Investing | November 14, 2015

Here's What T-Mobile's Free Video Offer Means To AT&T and Verizon

The Un-carrier is making another bold "free data" offer, and this one may be too big for a lot of its rivals' customers to pass up.

Investing | November 13, 2015

Here's Why Comcast's Wireless Service Won't Threaten AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint (for Now)

The company plans a Wi-Fi-based service that will also use Verizon's network.

Investing | November 12, 2015

T-Mobile US Inc: Un-carrier X Offers Free Streaming Video and Doubles Data

The company's announcements have changed the wireless industry in pro-consumer ways which will likely force the hand of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to follow suit.

Investing | November 11, 2015

Comcast Corporation Wants to Offer a Quadruple-Play Bundle

Comcast may enter the MVNO market soon with the help of Verizon.

Investing | November 10, 2015

Sprint Forced to Cut Thousands of Jobs

The CEO of SoftBank, Sprint’s parent company, says job cuts are necessary to turn the troubled wireless carrier around.

Investing | November 04, 2015

Why Is Sprint Corp. Tip-Toeing Around the Sales Numbers?

Because some other figures just sound better, of course. Meanwhile, this turnaround machine just hit a pothole.

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