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Investing | October 26, 2015

Verizon Won't Cap Its Unlimited Data Plans -- Here's How It's Getting Subscribers to Ditch the Plans

While Verizon won't throttle unlimited customers like some other carriers do, the company will raise prices on the plans next month.

Investing | October 22, 2015

3 Things Verizon Management Wants Investors to Know

The company is doing well and diversifying its sources of revenue.

Investing | October 21, 2015

Verizon Communications Inc. Earnings: More Customers Lead to Strong Numbers

The company keeps growing its subscriber base despite there being many reasons it should not be able to do that.

Investing | October 20, 2015

Here's How T-Mobile Plans to Build the Best Network

The company has made big improvements, but it has a way to further close the gap.

Investing | October 19, 2015

Google's New Nexus Phones Could Catapult Project Fi Into the Mainstream

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will be attractive to a broader swath of customers than last year's Nexus 6, which should lure more people to Google's upstart mobile virtual network, Project Fi.

Investing | October 17, 2015

Verizon's Latest Move Could Be Fantastic for Apple

Subscribers to Big Red can now get a new iPhone every single year.

Investing | October 17, 2015

One Bit of Bad News for Microsoft Corp's New Lumia Phones

Microsoft recently released two high-end smartphones, but the company is only partnering with AT&T to sell the devices.

Investing | October 17, 2015

T-Mobile Is Likely to Continue Its Epic Run

The Un-carrier isn't giving up anytime soon and should keep grabbing customers from all of its rivals.

Investing | October 15, 2015

Verizon Wants to Push Customers Away From Unlimited Plans

The company is raising prices for its grandfathered customers.

Investing | October 14, 2015

Verizon and AT&T Hate Ad Blockers, Too

It's not just publishers and websites -- carriers have a vested interest in you not using ad blockers as well.

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