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Investing | January 28, 2015

Verizon Communications Holds Its Ground Against AT&T and T-Mobile

Verizon refuses to bow to competitive pressures.

Investing | January 27, 2015

AT&T Inc. Earnings: Shares Rise on Hopeful Guidance

AT&T's fourth quarter was more solid than impressive. Looking ahead, Ma Bell expects to grow earnings whether the DirecTV acquisition is approved or not.

Investing | January 27, 2015

Does Google's Wireless Move Pave the Way for a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger?

It's a long road to get there, but the deal could force the FCC's hand.

Investing | January 27, 2015

Google Inc Could Wreak Havoc on Its New Wireless Partners

T-Mobile and Sprint find themselves in the classic prisoner's dilemma.

Investing | January 26, 2015

T-Mobile US Inc.’s John Legere Needs to Learn This Economic Game

This economic principle could help T-Mobile's CEO.

Investing | January 25, 2015

Will AT&T Overtake Verizon Wireless With Its Newest Move?

AT&T's moves in Mexico could propel it above Verizon Wireless and end up being a revenue driver for the company.

Investing | January 25, 2015

T-Mobile US Inc.'s New Cheap Plans Keep the Carrier One Step Ahead of Sprint

T-Mobile's Simply Prepaid plans will help the company keep its No. 1 prepaid carrier title.

Investing | January 24, 2015

The Average American Uses This Much Wireless Data Every Month. How Do You Compare?

Americans pay hefty prices for their data compared to rest to the world. Here's how much we use.

Investing | January 23, 2015

Does T-Mobile Need a Merger to Survive?

The CEO of the company that owns a controlling interest of the wireless carrier appears to think so.

Investing | January 22, 2015

What's Wrong With Verizon Communications, Inc. Today?

The telecom feels the heat from hungry challengers Sprint and T-Mobile and may have a hard time defending its rich profit margins in 2015 and beyond.

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