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Investing | December 01, 2016

Why 2017 Is the Year to Invest in Retail Stocks

2016 was brutal for retail stocks, but 2017 might be kinder as retailers downsize, pivot their investments, and focus on growth brands.

Investing | August 10, 2016

Why Ralph Lauren Corp. Stock Soared Today

The high-end retailer beat low expectations, but its turnaround is far from guaranteed.

Investing | July 08, 2016

Better Buy: Vera Bradley vs. Coach

Both companies have been grappling with similar problems and are looking to get back on a path to growth. Which one is a better bet for investors?

Investing | June 10, 2016

Why I'm Buying American Eagle Outfitters But Avoiding the Rest of the Apparel Industry

AE is one of the best stocks to own in the struggling retail apparel industry.

Investing | June 08, 2016

Retail Meltdown: Which Chains Are Closing Stores in 2016?

A number of big-name retailers are getting smaller as they try to find a way to succeed in an increasingly online world.

Investing | June 06, 2016

Why Zumiez Inc. Stock Dropped 10% in May

The surf-and-skate-themed apparel retailer continued to struggle amid the greater malaise in the sector.

Investing | May 29, 2016

Why Isn't Coach Stock Growing?

Despite returning to growth in the latest quarter, Coach's stock has stalled.

Investing | May 26, 2016

Deckers Sees a Tough Time Ahead

The footwear company did better than investors had expected in the first quarter, but gave ugly guidance for the full year.

Investing | May 24, 2016

How Inventory Management Is Fueling Urban Outfitters' Turnaround Efforts

The fashion world is known to be fickle, and for apparel companies, falling behind the latest trends can result in unwanted product taking up space on store shelves.

Investing | May 19, 2016

Why Urban Outfitters Stock Surged Thursday

The mall-based retailer's quarterly report showed that it held up better than analysts expected in a difficult environment for apparel stores.

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