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Young Fools

If this modest area has you wanting to learn even more about investing, then keep reading. Below you'll find a bunch of links to places where you can learn more.

The Motley Fool: Finance & Folly!
This is our main site for post-teens.

The 13 Steps to Investing Foolishly
Here's where we explain our investing approach from A to Z.

How to Value Stocks
This area gets a little dense here and there, but it's where we explain the nuts and bolts of how to study stocks and see whether or not they might be bargains.

The Family Fool
This is an area we've built that targets parents and families. Most articles in here aren't written specifically for teens, but you might find some of interest to you anyway. One particular section that might be of interest is How to Teach About Money.

Here's our warehouse of Fribbles, which are short, easy-to-read essays on life and/or investing. Some are pretty funny, others might teach you something interesting or make you think about something you never thought about before.

Fooling Around
This area is mainly for fun, featuring games, interviews, and contests.

The Hall of Portfolios
Here's where we run a few real-money portfolios. They were started with actual cash and we report on how they're doing every day. Pick a portfolio or two from here and read their reports regularly for a while. By watching how we manage our portfolios, you'll learn how it's done. These are designed to be educational portfolios.

The News
If you regularly read our news reports (issued twice each weekday), you'll slowly start to get a sense of how stock prices move -- and why. You can even use RealAudio to listen to our news reports at FoolAudio - Listen to the Fool!

Fool Community
Here's where Fools are hanging out and talking to each other. We've got hundreds (nay, thousands!) of message folders, where Fools are discussing various investing strategies as well as lots of individual stocks. If you're interested in Disney or the Gap or Microsoft, pop into its folder and see what Fools are saying. In our "Ask a Foolish Question" folder, you can ask anything of us. We also have a folder called Teens & Their Money -- for you.

Investment Ideas
Here we offer a bunch of material looking at specific stocks. Our Daily Double and Daily Trouble review stocks that have either doubled or crashed in the last year. Some of them might be good investments, some might not. Our weekly "Dueling Fools" special features two Fools duking it out about a stock, disagreeing politely about whether it's a good investment or not.

At our superstore FoolMart, you'll find us offering everything from Foolish ball caps and jester caps to t-shirts.

Fool Books &
Through, we offer a whole host of books that we've found interesting and useful. Some books that might be the easiest for young people to digest include: Learn to Earn, Beating the Street, One Up on Wall Street, and the books penned by our own founding Fools, You Have More Than You Think, The Motley Fool Investment Guide, and The Motley Fool Investment Workbook.