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The Motley Fool's Technology Partners

While we do a lot of things to make your experience at the Fool website as pleasant as possible, there are some things that we cannot do at all or as well as we would like to on our own. For these things, we rely on our strategic technology partnerships. Below we have listed the partners whom we rely on to help make the Fool website perform optimally.


Akamai Akamai Akamai delivers all of the Fool's static content (mostly graphics) via its optimized, fault-tolerant network of distributed servers. Akamai offers the Fool three key benefits:

  • An improved user experience. We have seen graphics download up to 10 times faster with Akamai than with our Web servers. We have also seen graphics being delivered to users from 2 hops away.
  • Lower costs. We have shifted some of our traffic to Akamai's network. This allows us to minimize the amount of hardware and software we need to have, as well as the people required to manage those resources.
  • Lower bandwidth costs. As Akamai serves all of our large graphics files, our bandwidth requirements are minimized.

The Motley Fool has been using Akamai since June 1999.


Cisco The Fool websites and offices are built on a Cisco-based infrastructure. Two Catalyst 6509s provide the backbone for the sites as they offer plenty of bandwidth and functionality. We also use Cisco 7000 series routers at both the Fool websites and offices to provide border connectivity.

We have been using Cisco routers and switches since we opened Fool HQ in 1995.


Internap The Motley Fool has been partnered with Internap since April of 2000. Since establishing our online presence seven years ago, no other ISP has provided us with such excellent performance as well as exceptional customer service. As a result of our first-hand experience utilizing Internap's fast and reliable solution, they have been selected as the sole bandwidth provider for all our web site properties.

For additional information on Internap visit www.internap.com.

Portfolio Director

Portfolio Director Portfolio Director provides The Motley Fool with portfolio management software that we use to manage some of our subscription products. We chose this provider for their quality software and their flexible and responsive service.

We have been using Portfolio Director since 2007. For more information, contact Bob Yacobucci (ryacobucci@portfoliodirector.com).