The Joy of Decluttering
Taylor Buonocore-Guthrie   |  No Sidebar

My powder blue vest and purse, and the curious series of coincidences with these items, have permanently changed the way I see all of the things that live unloved and unused in my home.

Why You Shouldn’t Pick Individual Stocks
Nick Maggiulli   |  Of Dollars And Data

I am not going to give you the traditional argument as to why you shouldn’t pick stocks, but a new one. I am going to argue that you shouldn’t pick stocks because of the existential dilemma of doing so.

Are You Waiting For an Elevator?
Joel   |  5AM Joel

Most people wait their entire lives for elevators to pick them up. They want an express pass to success. Stairs however are a guaranteed path upwards.

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    The Best Items to Resell for Profit
    Robert Stephenson   |  Flea Market Flipper

    Freight shipping changed the game for me and has been consistently providing great income for my family ever since. I have been able to go from part-time flipping income of $42K to $133K in our first year of flipping full-time!

    Why We Love Our Brokerage Account For Funding Early Retirement
    Ali   |  All Options Considered

    Pulling contributions out of our retirement accounts too early would be like drinking weak tea. We’d rather let our tea steep so it’s strong like our favorite Scotch Whisky and we can really enjoy it.

    Get Paid To Be An Online Friend ($20+/hr)
    Becca Whitestone   |  Boost My Budget

    As an online friend, you could get paid to talk to lonely people, listen to people’s problems, share a skill, or even play online games!

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    How to Believe In Yourself
    Jewels   |  One Frugal Girl

    Perhaps we all need lists to remind us of our past success. A brave list, a confidence list, a success list, call it whatever you want. Use your list to remind you of your past success.

    A Game Where the Odds Are Always in Your Favor
    Jody Chudley   |  Wealthy Retirement

    Anyone in the market for the long term over the course of this study had virtually no chance of losing money. Even daily, the stock market odds are in your favor.

    How to Track, Graph, and Improve Your Happiness
    Accidentally Retired   |  Accidentally Retired

    Happiness is a choice. You have to choose to do the things that make you happy. You have to choose to be the person that you want to be. You have to manage your expectations.

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    A False Sense of Purchasing Power
    Joshua Becker   |  Becoming Minimalist

    Our current financial system allows us to acquire credit based on income, rather than wealth. It grants purchasing power not based on what we’ve accumulated, but on what is expected to materialize.

    Put Your Ladder on YOUR Wall
    Tom Corley   |  Property Update

    Most put their ladder on their parents’ wall and spend much of their life climbing that ladder. At some point, they come to the realisation that they are unhappy doing what they are doing.

    It’s Hard To Kill The Stock Market
    Tony Isola   |  A Teachable Moment

    Betting against the resiliency of human ingenuity is a loser’s bet. It’s not so easy to kill a stock market despite how hard we may try.

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    How My Grandfather Saved Money
    Jason Brown   |  Your Margin Matters

    Each day, Grandpa would toss any loose bills or change into a can. When he had enough, he would seal it and hand the entire thing over to the land owner – purchasing one parcel at a time.

    FIRE Lessons From the Jamaican Bobsled Team
    Joel   |  Budgets Are Sexy

    It doesn’t matter how fast you become a millionaire or what age you “retire,” it’s about doing what you want to do in life. It’s about the smile on your face.

    People Smarter Than Us Know Things That We Don’t — And That’s Okay
    Kevin   |  Financial Panther

    The beauty of investing is you don’t have to be smart to do it well. You don’t even need to try to do better than most. Instead, you can accept that you don’t know that much and aim for average.

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