Why I Never Maxed Out My 401(k)
Leandra Peters   |  Female In Finance

The fees within my 401(k) were so stupid high it set my iMac on fire, made me dry heave, and obliterated my immune system. I dramatically broke up with it and started dating my hot taxable brokerage account.

3 Lessons I Learned from an 800+ Page Tax Book
Daniel Shin   |  The Darwinian Doctor

This book taught me that there are many ways to reduce your tax burden, but being a highly paid employee is not one of them. If you’re seeking tax efficiency, start a business, especially a real estate business.

Once You’ve Done One “Impossible” Thing, You Start to Wonder What Else Might Be Possible
Barney   |  The Escape Artist

The walls of The Prison Camp are built in your own mind. Once you have climbed over one unscalable wall, you start to reassess your entire world view.

This Week’s Community News (01/28/22)

In this week’s community news roundup, we’re celebrating rental properties, blogging anniversaries, and a new member of the Double Comma Club!

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    It Was Never About Frugality
    Carl   |  1500 Days

    I’m not trying to save money, I’m trying to not waste a precious resource. It’s about time and efficiency.

    The Market Is an Expensive Place to Find Out Who You Are
    Michael Batnick   |  The Irrelevant Investor

    This market is savage. It has an amazing ability to turn our internal dial from overconfident to paralyzed by fear.

    Um… I Have Cancer
    Mr. Life Outside the Maze   |  Life Outside The Maze

    Cancer has a way of immediately distilling one’s priorities to the critical few. Health, time, the wellbeing of my kids, lazy mornings talking with my wife, that’s a home. The rest is just window dressing.

    Bonus Bits – Week of 01/24/22

    This week’s bonus tips and nuggets, featuring: a new book, some wild stats, and how to get FREE donuts this week!

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    The Two Most Important Factors for Building Wealth
    Jeremy Schneider   |  Personal Finance Club

    To build wealth, you have to earn more and spend less. A really crappy investor putting away $1,000/month will trounce an optimal investor saving only $100/month.

    Is a Satellite Investing Strategy Right for You?
    Jordan   |  The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

    A satellite investing strategy is one where the core of your investments are in passive broadly diversified, low cost index funds. But you also have “satellites” of actively managed accounts or individual stocks floating around that core.

    How to Start a Window Cleaning Business: Zero to $700k a Year
    Nick Loper   |  Side Hustle Nation

    If you want to start your own business, it doesn’t necessarily take a never-before-seen business idea to have a never-before-seen impact on your life.

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    Net Worth or Cash Flow?
    Michelle   |  Fire and Wide

    Net worth by itself seems a pretty meaningless number. What matters is what you can do with it. And if, like me, you are using it to retire early, that means converting it into actual cash flow.

    Personal Finance Basics You’ve Never Thought Of
    Katelyn   |  Hey You Finance

    There is a difference in being able to afford something and being able to afford the monthly payments.

    “Make a $100 a Day!” In your sleep! While on the moon! As you eat all the cheese you want!
    Mel   |  brokeGIRLrich

    Surveys and blogging can both bring in some side money, for sure, but it’s never as effortless as those Instagram reels make it seem.

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    Everything Must Be Paid for Twice
    David Cain   |  Raptitude

    There’s the first price, usually paid in dollars, to gain possession of the desired thing. But in order to make use of the thing, you must also pay a second price. This is the effort required to gain its benefits.

    Join Us for a No- Or Low-Spend February
    Donna Freedman   |  Surviving and Thriving

    A no-spend month is really more of a “spend-super-intentionally month” – and I’m confident that readers here are up to that challenge.

    A Better Way To FIRE
    Damian   |  Banker on FIRE

    No, you can’t retire yet. But thanks to all your hard work, that dream life of yours may be much closer than you thought.

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