Steve Ark   |

If you fear you’ll only be able to afford to retire when you are an ancient 57 years old, put that fear away. Happiness does not deteriorate over time, it gets better.

The Cost of Friendship
Jacob Schroeder   |  Incognito Money Scribe

The cost of friendship is whatever it costs to maintain your friendship – and it’s worth it. Pick up the tab. Take the trip. Send an oak tree.

Don’t Be A Monkey With Your Finances
Jeff Cooper   |  Have Your Dollars Make Sense

Things can change pretty quickly in today’s world, and everyone’s situation is different. What was right for you today might not be suitable for you tomorrow.

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    The History of the FIRE Movement
    ER Dude   |  Early Retirement Dude

    After eight hundred years of scant participation in the financial markets, the little guy finally attained a great deal of influence on the economic health of the entire world.

    The Stuff They Don’t Teach You in Books
    Josh Brown   |  The Reformed Broker

    No matter how much money you make for someone, the worst thing you could do is surprise them (and their CPA) with a tax bill at the end.

    August Challenge: No Online Purchases
    Brittany   |  Less Less More

    Challenges typically lead to great reflection and growth for me. So I have decided to do a different challenge each month. This month it is about online purchases.

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    How The Stock Market Works
    Ben Carlson   |  A Wealth of Common Sense

    The stock market is one of the few places on earth where you can earn passive income without having to do any work whatsoever. All you have to do is buy and wait.

    The 100 Envelope Challenge: Trackers, Variations, and More
    Dylan Houlihan   |  Swift Salary

    Here’s how the 100 envelope challenge works, some ways you can modify it to better fit your needs/finances, and the pros and cons of this challenge.

    Why Not Ask Money on a Date?
    Kate App   |  Eyes on The Goal

    Set a recurring date with Money. Money is your pal. The more care and respect you treat it with, the more it will stick around.

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    The Rebalancing Bonus
    Occam   |  Occam Investing

    The rebalancing bonus represents the difference in returns between a rebalanced and an un-rebalanced portfolio. It’s the extra return you receive for rebalancing your portfolio.

    Using Strengths & Positions of Strength
    Mr. Life Outside the Maze   |  Life Outside The Maze

    Why focus your development efforts on things that you kind of suck at and maybe don’t like? What about focusing on things that you are great at and love? Why not build a foundation out of that?

    The Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought Is An Ebike
    Kevin   |  Financial Panther

    The first step to replacing a car is actually replacing the car. And doing that means getting over that initial friction of putting yourself on a bike.

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    14 Ways to Encourage Less Waste
    Meri   |  Almost Zero Waste

    Living with people who have wasteful habits and a completely different lifestyle than you can be challenging. Here are 14 tips, ideas, and ways to convince people to reduce their waste without being too pushy.

    Front-Load Your Career To Achieve What Europeans Have
    Dave   |  Accidental Fire

    Most Europeans work fewer hours than we Americans and take way more vacation. The purpose of this post is to expose the ramifications of the differences in these work cultures.

    This Vintage 1970s LIFE Magazine Shares Tips to Beat Inflation
    Sean   |  My Money Wizard

    They say those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it and the best way to learn about the future is to study the past. So I paid $4 to share a 1970s history lesson about inflation with you.

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