The Rebalancing Bonus
Occam   |  Occam Investing

The rebalancing bonus represents the difference in returns between a rebalanced and an un-rebalanced portfolio. It’s the extra return you receive for rebalancing your portfolio.

Using Strengths & Positions of Strength
Mr. Life Outside the Maze   |  Life Outside The Maze

Why focus your development efforts on things that you kind of suck at and maybe don’t like? What about focusing on things that you are great at and love? Why not build a foundation out of that?

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought Is An Ebike
Kevin   |  Financial Panther

The first step to replacing a car is actually replacing the car. And doing that means getting over that initial friction of putting yourself on a bike.

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    14 Ways to Encourage Less Waste
    Meri   |  Almost Zero Waste

    Living with people who have wasteful habits and a completely different lifestyle than you can be challenging. Here are 14 tips, ideas, and ways to convince people to reduce their waste without being too pushy.

    Front-Load Your Career To Achieve What Europeans Have
    Dave   |  Accidental Fire

    Most Europeans work fewer hours than we Americans and take way more vacation. The purpose of this post is to expose the ramifications of the differences in these work cultures.

    This Vintage 1970s LIFE Magazine Shares Tips to Beat Inflation
    Sean   |  My Money Wizard

    They say those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it and the best way to learn about the future is to study the past. So I paid $4 to share a 1970s history lesson about inflation with you.

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    Freedom for Another
    Q-FI   |  My Quiet FI

    What happens if you could use FI to save someone else? What happens when your own FI journey shifts from fighting for your own freedom, to rescuing another’s?

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Expensive (and So Is Everything Else)
    Marc Lichtenfeld   |  Wealthy Retirement

    Most people think only about profits when it comes to stocks. I want to be sure that while I’m waiting for those profits, my income is going up at the same time.

    Lessons From A Money-Twitter Noob
    Jay   |  Playtirement

    This summer of anecdotal social media research has taught me one thing—almost every Money-Twitter tweet and financial independence blog ever written bases itself on these three tenets.

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    Financial BDSM
    { in·deed·a·bly }   |  { in·deed·a·bly }

    It is the co-mingling of money, rather than the cohabitation or the conjugal that financially binds us. This has some fascinating implications.

    What We Learned From Our Van Life Experiment
    Jessica   |  The Fioneers

    Experimentation helps us to cultivate a growth mindset. We can learn by taking action without taking the results of the experiment as a personal success or failure.

    Life’s Two Halves
    Joe Kesler   |  Humble Dollar

    Working hard and finding career success provided great satisfaction, so I assumed I’d handle the second half of my life in the same way as the first. This wasn’t a great plan.

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    The Money Commando True Wealth Index
    TheMoneyCommando   |  The Money Commando

    I developed the Money Commando True Wealth Index (MCTWI) to more accurately measure and track the value of stock market investments. It provides a simple way to adjust for high or low valuations.

    What I Would Do If My Net Worth Went to $0
    Darius Foroux   |  DariusForoux.com

    If you go to bed and wake up every day with an uneasy feeling in your gut that tells you life is uncertain, I hope the steps in this article will give you a roadmap.

    Happiness Dividends: Making Your Experiences Pay You Back
    Mr. MFI   |  Managing FI

    Just like a financial dividend paid on a stock, the longer you have to remember the experience, the more time you have to be paid dividends.

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