3 Types of Enough
Jeremy   |  Calibrating Capital

“Enough” means different things to different people. For some it’s a positively charged term while for others it’s a negatively charged term. But one thing I do know is that there are different types of Enough.

“Could This Be a Heirloom Someday?”
Kristen   |  The Frugal Girl

Whenever possible, before you buy something that’s supposed to last, join me in asking, “Will this be useful and treasured for years to come?”

Speculation: A Game You Can’t Win
Lawrence Yeo   |  More to That

Financial freedom isn’t about money, it’s about attention. The less you have to think about money, the more free you actually are.

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    I Want My MTV!
    Tony Isola   |  A Teachable Moment

    Young people are giving the finger to the establishment – again. Trading platforms like Robinhood are giving a new generation of investors what they want. A community that doesn’t admit their parents.

    Unicorns and Keynesian Economics
    Noel   |  Happily Disengaged

    Personally, I’ve struggled with spending because I’m trying to save as much as I can. But if I can think of spending as a source of good that we can share with others, it makes it a lot easier.

    Screw Traditional Milestones
    Alyssa Davies   |  Mixed Up Money

    You do not have to purchase a house to make the city you live in (or stay in) your home. Your home is wherever you feel happy and comfortable. A home is still a home whether you rent or own.

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    The Beauty of the Regret Lottery
    Crispy Doc   |  Crispy Doc

    The individual is called, and then they must answer the key question: “Have you received your first dose of vaccine?” If the answer is yes, you’ve just won a million dollars. If the answer is no, you win nothing.

    How I Made $2,500+ Last Month by Charging Scooters
    Joe Udo   |  Retire by 40

    In May, I charged 460 scooters and made $2,509.50. That’s about $5.45 per scooter. According to my estimate, I worked 4600 minutes. That’s about 76 hours and a half. The pay rate is $32.74 per hour.

    My Cure for Aimless Wardrobe Syndrome
    Kitty   |  Bitches Get Riches

    It requires a bit of time to set up. But it transformed my daily life for the better. Since I developed this system, I’ve been shopping less, buying less, and spending way less time considering my options.

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    How To Do a Savings Competition With Your Friends
    Max K. Erkiletian   |  Engineer Your Finances

    My friends and I have always preferred making the losers perform tasks like washing cars or making dinner. For others, bragging rights are enough to commemorate winning a savings competition with your friends.

    Why I Changed My Views on Giving to the Needy
    Lisa   |  A Lawyer and Her Money

    When we see someone in need, we want our first thought to be, “how can I help?” not “what did you do wrong?”

    12 Life Lessons From 4 People Who Have Nothing in Common
    Kalen Bruce   |  Freedom Sprout

    These are the people who taught me the lessons: a millionaire farmer friend of mine, a retired Army colonel, my old boss when I worked in construction, and a man from Nazareth who I met in Denver.

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    The Top 9 (Bad) Arguments Against Bitcoin
    Lucas   |  JLCollinsnh

    Today I want to look at the most common arguments against Bitcoin that you are likely hearing every day. Note I said, the “most common” arguments. These are not even remotely the best arguments against Bitcoin.

    How Being A Nomad Helps Reinforce What’s Actually Important
    Purple   |  A Purple Life

    You cannot rely on outside factors to make you healthy or whole. You have to provide that for yourself. So here are the things that I turn to for comfort in my nomad travels.

    The Sushi Wealth Test
    Daniel Shin   |  The Darwinian Doctor

    This is a story about the sushi wealth test and how my definition of being rich has changed in the last 20 years.

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