Saver’s Remorse
Penny   |  She Picks Up Pennies

I got so focused on trying to hit a particular savings number that I forgot the purpose of my savings: I want to lessen my stress, not compound it. The What caused me to lose sight of The Why.

The Power of Low Expectations
J.D. Roth   |  Get Rich Slowly

Just as you can increase your saving rate by improving income and/or lowering expenses, you can deliberately increase your happiness by improving your circumstances and/or lowering your expectations.

Strive To Wake Up And Do Nothing (With Your Finances)
RBD   |  Retire Before Dad

You may not be a manager at your job, but you are the CEO of your household and your finances. So how can you take this management philosophy and apply it to your life?

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    6 Pieces of Money Advice You Can Ignore
    Tim Jordan   |  Atypical Finance

    Times change. The same advice that may have worked long ago might not work today. Even some modern money advice is bad on arrival. Here are six pieces of money advice that you can ignore.

    A Super-Simple System to Minimize Impulse Spending
    Mrs. FCB   |  Financial Chain Breakers

    I’m not on board with trying to suppress all of my desires or pretend I don’t care about the things I care about… There is nothing — nothing — that I tell myself I can’t ever have.

    Ergodicity: The Coolest Idea You’ve Never Heard of
    Jesse Cramer   |  The Best Interest

    Ergodicity is a fun concept. Or at least fun for nerds like me. It’s a terrific way to consider risk. It helps us in behavioral economics, personal finance, and real retirement planning.

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    Choose Your Financial Vice
    Alyssa Davies   |  Mixed Up Money

    You need to give yourself the freedom to choose which parts of your variable expenses are most important to you… Financial vices are only vices if you don’t prepare for them.

    The Coffee Can Approach to Investing
    Jon   |  Novel Investor

    The brilliance of the coffee can portfolio is it makes every investment a one-decision game. In the process, it limits the typical costs of investing.

    Charles Sheldon: FIRE Before It Was Cool
    Mr. CC   |  Clipping Chains

    Sheldon could have enjoyed a life of retired luxury, with cigars, billiards, and velvet robes. He chose a grueling path of wilderness living and subsequent years of intense lobbying efforts to preserve that wilderness.

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    Engen’s Annual Letter To Householders
    Robb Engen   |  Boomer And Echo

    Inspired by the folksy wisdom in Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire shareholders, I decided to write my own letter. I don’t have any shareholders so this letter is written to my family, or my householders.

    The Snowblower Method of Paying Off Debt
    Casper du Toit   |  xUSD

    The debt snowblower method proposes that you pay off revolving debt first, followed by installment debt – from the lowest balance to the highest. It’s a hybrid between the debt snowball and debt avalanche methods.

    From Frugal To F*ck It: The Evolution of My Thoughts on Spending Money
    A Purple Life   |  A Purple Life

    I always assumed that my thoughts on spending money would remain stagnant, like my thoughts on marriage or having kids. However, it turns out that my view of spending has evolved almost as much as my thoughts on time.

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    The Stoic Path to Wealth
    Darius Foroux   |

    In my experience, investing is 9% theory, 1% execution, and 90% managing your emotions. That’s why I’ve been applying the philosophy of Stoicism to my investing strategy – it helps me to manage the most important part: emotions.

    How I Get Paid to Drink Coffee! (My Side Hustle with Airbnb Experiences)
    Martin Dasko   |  Studenomics

    Everything that we discuss on here is about making more money and living a better life. The goal is to find a way to make money from your passions/interests.

    The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating Your Salary
    The Luxe Strategist   |  The Luxe Strategist

    Negotiating your initial offer is the easiest way to make more money. Here’s why: It’s one of the few times you have leverage over your company.

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