15+ Types of FIRE and What They Mean 🔥

The FIRE movement is spreading quickly and there are new approaches cropping up daily. Here is a running list of some of the most popular (and original) variations from around the community that we’ll continue to keep updated.

How to Track Your HSA Easily and Efficiently
Jim   |  Route to Retire

I’m a systems kind-of-guy so I’m going to take you through how I easily and efficiently keep track of everything needed for this strategy. Here is my two-part system, along with the spreadsheet I use to track the numbers.

Budgets and Boat Life
FI Guy & Fi Girl   |  FI Heroes

Boat FIRE involves chaining a bunch of cruise itineraries together. I mapped out how much it would cost to live on a cruise ship for a year using pricing from real itineraries I could book back to back. 

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    100% Off
    Karen Trefzger   |  Maximum Gratitude, Minimal Stuff

    It’s ironic that we follow the holiday dedicated to the spiritual practice of thanksgiving with a spending orgy. It’s as if that short pause for gratitude makes us even more determined to get back out there and grab more stuff.

    6 Pieces of Advice From Parents You Probably Shouldn’t Listen To
    Thomas Kopelman   |  The Long Game

    Let’s be real, we all have gotten some good and bad advice from our parents growing up. Their goal was to help us, but the world has since changed and their advice might not be right for us anymore.

    Better Get a Spending Strategy
    Josh Brown   |  The Reformed Broker

    When you’ve been programmed over the course of forty years to save, save, save, it’s hard to just flip the switch and start spending. A change in mentality becomes necessary for all of this to have had a point.

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    In this week’s community news roundup, we’re celebrating paid speaker gigs, new book launches, shoutouts on Good Morning America, and more.

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    Ten 5-Minute Actions to Help Your Finances
    Joshua Becker   |  Becoming Minimalist

    Here are ten quick actions I encourage you to take today. Each of these steps can be taken right now, before even putting down your phone or closing your computer.

    The Vulnerability of Being Broke (Even Temporarily)
    Abigail   |  I Pick Up Pennies

    It’s important for those of us with a cushion to remember how it feels to struggle, and how that struggle (and potentially resulting depression) permeates everything.

    The Truth and The Whole Journey
    Barney   |  The Escape Artist

    If you are a financial blogger or adviser, or work in fintech, banking, software development, it is basically negligence at this point not to understand crypto and what it could mean for you and your clients / audience / career.

    Are you a personal finance blogger?

    All The Money In The World
    Damian   |  Banker on FIRE

    The classic tragedy of personal finance is when people put off investing because retirement seems too far away. But there’s another, equally tragic scenario – when people put off living because death seems too far away.

    Beyond Stealth Wealth: Going on Offense
    Mrs. FCB   |  Financial Chain Breakers

    Stealth wealth is the practice of hiding our income and wealth from other people.  It might be mind-blowing that a person might have money and not want to be flashy like a Kardashian, but that’s kind of the idea.

    What If Your Job DOES Matter? Why We’ve Embraced FIOR.
    Ed   |  Educator FI

    Things change. So, make sure retirement on your own terms is an option. We aren’t pursuing FIRE, but we have embraced FIOR – Financial Independence Optional Retirement. Here’s why.

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    Cooking With No Money (Video)
    Wendy Mays   |  House of Financial Independence

    It’s the end of the month and we have NO MONEY left in our budget. It’s the best time for a freezer, refrigerator, and pantry clean out to see if we can come up with 4 dinners and 2 breakfasts.

    We Did It – We Reached FIRE
    Chrissy   |  Eat Sleep Breathe FI

    It seems counterproductive to work so hard all your life, reach your peak earning and career years… then opt-out. And yet, when M and I sat down and really looked at it, we confirmed that retirement was the right decision.

    Stay At Home Mom Jobs: Scams, Lies, and MLMs
    Jewels   |  One Frugal Girl

    More than 90% of so-called social media influencers quit before earning any money. It’s a disservice to promote these stay-at-home mom jobs without a disclaimer.

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