Happy Friday! Resident curator, Marcus Garrett, stops by the site today to share the best podcasts from around the community this month. Take a listen, and then check out his own award-winning show: The Marcus Garrett Show!

What Is Shiba Inu And Can I Still Invest? (Podcast)
Robert Farrington   |  The College Investor

It’s the crypto currency everyone is talking about! Shiba Inu is a dog-themed memecoin, built on the Ethereum blockchain, that’s exploded in popularity since its inception.

From Overspender To Millionaire w/ Walli Miller (Podcast)
Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni   |  Frugal Friends Podcast

Overspending, spending mindlessly, buying stuff we don’t need; it all limits our finances! Listen in and hear some tips as Walli shares her journey of overspending, breaking the cycle, and becoming a millionaire!

The Connections Between Race and Money w/ Author Celeste Headlee (Podcast)
Farnoosh Torabi   |  So Money

Celeste Headlee, author of SPEAKING OF RACE, joins the show to talk about the connection between privilege and wealth, and how to discuss race without sticking your foot in your mouth.

This Week’s Community News (12/03/21)

In this week’s community news roundup, we’re celebrating blogging anniversaries, early retirement news, and a new podcast!

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    Escape Your Bubble
    Nick Maggiulli   |  Of Dollars And Data

    The question isn’t whether you are in a bubble, but how often do you get out of it? How often do you escape your bubble to see the world in a different light?

    When You’re Not Ready to Chase Financial Independence
    Darcy   |  We Want Guac

    I’m going to talk about the time when I wasn’t ready to pursue financial independence, what was needed to make myself ready, and how you can get yourself ready.

    Are You Outcome-Focused?
    Elliott Appel   |  I Talk About Money

    We often judge a decision based on the outcome – not the process. This is unfortunate because even low probability, random events can happen following a poor process.

    Bonus Bits – Week of 11/29/21

    This week’s bonus tips and nuggets, featuring: an effective tip for increasing happiness, the origin of the 40 hour work week, and a new book on the scene.

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    Dress Parade
    John Goodell   |  Humble Dollar

    I think my cost per wear will be no more than $1 a day. That’s slightly better than average, with a much lower environmental impact than cycling through the latest fashions.

    Cut Those Prices In Half!
    Mr. FireStation   |  MrFireStation

    Like anything, the value of a price is completely in the eye of the beholder. The problem is just that we have “old tape” that we’ve been using to judge things, which makes everything look expensive. 

    Curveball Clarity
    Blair duQuesnay   |  The Belle Curve

    One way or another, we are all moving through this life and all of its beautiful and painful moments. Curveball clarity helps shed superficial goals like accumulating a certain size portfolio or beating the market index.

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    Two Quick Grocery Hacks
    Donna Freedman   |  Surviving and Thriving

    We like meat, and we like eggs. We also like saving money on those things. In these inflationary times, every food dollar matters.

    The Unpaid Work We All Need
    Dave   |  Accidental Fire

    This crucial work isn’t always fun, and is often really hard, like most work. There’s no time card to punch, no 401k plan, and thankfully no creepy guy from accounting.

    When You See a Grizzly It’s Too Late to Run Away
    Raph Antoine   |  Banker on Wheels

    Potential bear encounters need to be prepared for. The same applies to bear markets. Except stock market crashes are guaranteed to happen.

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    15+ Types of FIRE and What They Mean 🔥

    The FIRE movement is spreading quickly and there are new approaches cropping up daily. Here is a running list of some of the most popular (and original) variations from around the community that we’ll continue to keep updated.

    How to Track Your HSA Easily and Efficiently
    Jim   |  Route to Retire

    I’m a systems kind-of-guy so I’m going to take you through how I easily and efficiently keep track of everything needed for this strategy. Here is my two-part system, along with the spreadsheet I use to track the numbers.

    Budgets and Boat Life
    FI Guy & Fi Girl   |  FI Heroes

    Boat FIRE involves chaining a bunch of cruise itineraries together. I mapped out how much it would cost to live on a cruise ship for a year using pricing from real itineraries I could book back to back. 

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