There Are No Called Strikes in This Business
Leif   |  Physician on Fire

Just because you don’t swing the first time, the third time, or the 10,003rd time you’re given the opportunity does not mean it’s too late!

The Relationship Between Money and Happiness
Jacob Schroeder   |  Incognito Money Scribe

If all the hustling and life hacking and goal crushing isn’t providing you greater access to real sources of happiness, then you may be overvaluing money in your life…

It’s Revenge Spend Time!
Sam Dogen   |  Financial Samurai

If we can’t spend money during bad times to make our lives better and we can’t spend money once the bad times are over, then when can we ever spend money?

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    Why You Should Plant a (Symbolic) Garden
    Adam   |  Minafi

    You don’t have to be a gardener to achieve this! You can find your own garden – physical, symbolic, or digital – and spend time growing it. I have many gardens going right now.

    The Best Ugly Produce Delivery Service
    Jessica   |  The Fioneers

    When I first started using these services, I compared prices with my regular grocery store. The prices are typically 30-50% less, depending on the product.

    $300k is Halfway to a Million
    John   |  Live Off Dividends

    $100,000 requires 25% of the total time that it takes to get to $1,000,000. And $300,000 requires 50% of the total time that it takes to get to $1,000,000. How is this possible? Compound interest!

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    The Financial Lessons of Coffee
    Mrs. FCB   |  Financial Chain Breakers

    Time for some personal finance 101. Through the lens of the humble cup of coffee.

    Why Our Emergency Fund Is Exactly $0.00
    Big Ern   |  Early Retirement Now

    If the financial planner guild didn’t already have high blood pressure before, they probably keeled over with a cardiac arrest just about now when they see that we use a line of credit as our emergency fund.

    Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum: The Definitive Guide
    Nick Maggiulli   |  Of Dollars And Data

    It is almost always better to invest it now, even on a risk-adjusted basis. This is true across asset classes, time periods, and nearly all valuation regimes. Generally, the longer you wait to deploy your capital, the worst off you…

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    Spend Money, Save the World
    Lisa   |  A Lawyer and Her Money

    If someone were to look at your bank accounts and your lifestyle, what kind of picture would emerge?

    Riding The Wealth Elevator
    Mr. Tako   |  Mr. Tako Escapes

    Investor sentiment can change dramatically over the course of a stocks life. Investors should know that buying stocks is more than a simple calculation of “buying low” and “selling high”.

    The 3-2-1 Morning Routine For Better Productivity
    Dave   |  Minimalism And Your Money

    The 3-2-1 morning routine has significantly improved my life. I’m more focused and productive, and I’m thrilled by the feeling of accomplishment I get each morning as I start to complete my goals.

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    Disney FIRE
    FI Guy   |  FI Heroes

    After quitting our jobs and selling almost all of our possessions (including our house and one of our two cars) we moved over a thousand miles away to sunny Florida to live the Disney FIRE Lifestyle.

    Building a Rich Life
    ESI   |  ESI Money

    The idea is to make sure your indulgences are part of a genuinely Rich Life, not merely a means to kill time. If all you’re doing in early retirement is killing time, what’s the point?

    Giving Rather Than Giving Up This Lent
    Katie   |  The Twenty Percent

    For every day of Lent (40 days in total) I’m going to put aside an item that my local food bank needs. After Easter, I will donate the contents of the box to my local food bank.

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