2020 Was . . . Fun?

2020 was a year we’re all going to remember for the rest of our lives – mostly for some not-so-great reasons. But there were some good things that came out of it too, right? Lots of us tried something new with our time and talent, whether that was a new business, a charity project, learning to bake, or even just deciding to embrace a slower lifestyle with more downtime.

Here at All-Star, we went a little stir-crazy during the lockdown and made a number of videos that we didn’t post publicly (they got a pretty silly). But looking back on it now, we’ve decided to embrace our inner financial weirdness, post them all, and ask you guys to send in anything funky or fun you did during 2020 as well!

Here are some of our favorites from around the community, as well as our own, in no particular order . . . Enjoy!


The year 2020 had its share of bad news — from a global pandemic, to record high unemployment levels to stock market chaos. Inspired by WealthyRetirement.com, we used a bunch of snakes to visually represent this news. Were they real or fake???

[Narrator: The snakes were fake. Very fake.]


diamond hands
With the cryptocurrency market having its day in the sun, Rachel created a 3D print for all the HODLers of the world: Diamond Hands.


Remember in those kids’ magazines where they would show you two supposedly identical pictures, but you had to find all the things different between the two?


Inspired by The Penny Hoarder, Jay used that concept when explaining why having three budgets could be a useful thing to try out as you work on designing your own lifestyle.


A list like this wouldn’t be complete without someone putting together a FIRE rap, and Darcy was only too happy to oblige. Word on the street is there may be a music video coming out for it as well. Obviously the VMAs are standing by . . .

Here’s the song in its entirety:


There may be a way for you to save up to half a million dollars in 25 years without even trying too hard. Check out this video inspired by One Cent at a Time discussing the theory by utilizing some dubious time-travel effects . . . and an even more dubious beard.


It’s hard to tell if this submission from Dr. Anthony Martin was serious, satire, or a satirical take on a serious subject? Either way, turkeys are always funny and the forex traders were having some fun with the financial mayhem in 2020.

Here’s the full (and ridiculous) recommendation: Turkey Day Trading Tip


We promise there’s an actual point to this video, but it’s worth a watch just to see Jay aggressively throwing a wide variety of household goods at the mini basketball hoop on his wall. He put a hole in it!

Inspired by Cait Flanders’ recent book, “Adventures in Opting Out.”


atm balance joke

And here you thought you’d get through this whole page without running into a list of terrible financial jokes. Well, you’d be wrong. Thanks(?) to Andrew for this one.

Unfortunately there’s more here: 118 Money and Accounting Jokes Everyone Will Love


So yeah, Jay loved throwing things at his wall so much that he built a video around punting things too. Inspired by A Lawyer and Her Money, here is a simple trick to keep you motivated when doing unenjoyable, repetitive tasks. Also, the kicking.


garage sale vs estate sale meme

Not since David Letterman has someone gotten more mileage out of a repetitive joke, as Ben Carlson demonstrates with these Pooh memes. Unlike the rest of the list, these weren’t created in 2020, but we wanted to include them to show you what’s on tap for 2021 😀

See the rest at: Winnie the Pooh Translates Financial Jargon


That’s gotta be it for the 2020 wrapup, because lord knows a person can only stand so much financial humor in one day. If you want to see more of the videos we created but didn’t feature here, you can check out the All-Star Money YouTube page for more!

We really enjoyed creating and collecting all these fun pieces from the personal finance community last year, so how about we do it again this year?

If you’ve created anything fun and money-related recently, just submit it to us directly using the form below.

We look forward to seeing what everybody’s doing!

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