Who says personal finance has to be boring? Here are some of the most fun stuff we’ve produced or curated at All-Star Money.


stealth wealth

Your Net Worth In One Picture
We asked our community about their net worth – not the actual number, but the way it makes them feel – in a single GIF 🙂

1-up challenge - dollar billl

The Dollar Bill Challenge
Last week we challenged the community to try and 1-up a picture of Jay holding up a dollar bill. The results are now in, and here are our favorite pics!

Budgets video

Three Budgets You Need to Create Today (Video)
One budget is a good starting point on your journey to financial independence, but creating three — lean, moderate and fat — budgets is even better. Try creating all of them and see how it works for you!

Punt video

A Football Analogy To Help You Manage Rejection (Video)
When it comes to managing your daily task load, try this strategy to help you focus on the stuff you have control over, versus getting stuck on the outcome.

Opting out video

Lead an Intentional Life by “Opting Out” (Video)
Inspired by Cait Flanders’ recent book, Adventures in Opting Out, we share the importance of removing things from your life to live more intentionally.

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