Here you’ll find all the original videos we’ve produced or curated at All-Star Money. A fun break from spreadsheets and blog posts all the time ;)


Budgets video

Three Budgets You Need to Create Today (Video)
One budget is a good starting point on your journey to financial independence, but creating three — lean, moderate and fat — budgets is even better. Try creating all of them and see how it works for you!

Punt video

A Football Analogy To Help You Manage Rejection (Video)
When it comes to managing your daily task load, try this strategy to help you focus on the stuff you have control over, versus getting stuck on the outcome.

Time Machine video

An Investment Tip That Could Get You Half a Million Dollars (Video)
This blogger theory could save you up to half a million dollars in 25 years. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Opting out video

Lead an Intentional Life by “Opting Out” (Video)
Inspired by Cait Flanders’ recent book, Adventures in Opting Out, we share the importance of removing things from your life to live more intentionally.

diamond hands

2020 Was . . . Fun?
2020 was a year we’re all going to remember for the rest of our lives – mostly for some not-so-great reasons. But there were some good things that came out of it too! Here were some of our favorites from around the community…

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