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How Being A Nomad Helps Reinforce What’s Actually Important

You cannot rely on outside factors to make you healthy or whole. You have to provide that for yourself. So here are the things that I turn to for comfort in my nomad travels.

Kevin Ha

Why I Don’t Have A FI Number Anymore

We don’t have to wait around to hit the magic FI number before we go do the things we want to do. Instead, we can figure out what we want now and create a life that lets us do that.

Andrea Joy

Leaving a Legacy That Matters

There is nothing in life I would want to be remembered more for than for impacting other people’s lives with kindness, generosity, and spreading Joy. This young man has left that very legacy today touching lives just like mine.

Ben Carlson

Winnie the Pooh Translates Financial Jargon

This meme is perfect for finance because it’s an industry that relies on jargon as a way to sell, confuse and signal higher than average intelligence.


Financial Independence Milestones, Gamified

Let’s be more intentional about noticing the financial independence milestones beyond its relation to how “done” you are. Get as excited about this middle time as I am!

Donna Freedman

How to Be a Frugalvore

It’s pretty simple: you shop mostly (or completely) based on what’s on sale that week… if it’s not on sale, it’s not in my cart.

Jacob Schroeder

Sell Your Hot Dogs at a Loss

The study found that participants who made purchases that most closely matched their personalities were more satisfied with life. This was true regardless of income, age and gender.


The Predictive Power of Fees

No matter how much changes in markets, no matter how many theories you choose to place confidence in, one thing will remain true regardless of approach. All else equal, lower fees will result in better performance.

Alyssa Davies

What If One Dollar Was Worth One Use?

Any time you buy a product, the value should always even out to $1.00 per usage. After all, why would we spend $150 on a pair of jeans if we weren’t planning on wearing them at least 150 times?

The Accumulator

Fighting the Financial Independence Demons

Hopefully your financial independence demons are infrequent guests, but we wouldn’t be human if they didn’t dine on our brains every so often. I hope this post gives you some fresh meat with which to distract them.

FI Heroes

The Disney FIRE Lifestyle

After quitting our jobs and selling almost all of our possessions (including our house and one of our two cars) we moved over a thousand miles away to sunny Florida to live the Disney FIRE Lifestyle.

Gov Worker

Gov Worker

I Tried to Get Rich Off Dogecoin and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post

I thought it’d be fun to buy some Dogecoin and RIDE IT TO THE MOON! But in the end, it was harder for me to buy a Dogecoin than it was to actually buy a freakin’ Shiba Inu.

Lillian Karabaic

What I Learned Making a Massive Spreadsheet of All My Clothes

I spent 13 hours on a Saturday cataloging the entirety of my wardrobe in a massive spreadsheet… By the end of the day, the spreadsheet had more than 4,000 cells and 28 tabs.


Strive To Wake Up And Do Nothing (With Your Finances)

You may not be a manager at your job, but you are the CEO of your household and your finances. So how can you take this management philosophy and apply it to your life?


My Dividend Employee Steve

Steve works 250 business days and 8 hour days. He delivers income each month based on my holdings… He’s a cool guy, he does work for me and never asks for anything back.


Boss Makes a Dollar, I Make a Dime, That’s Why I Work for ME in My Free Time!

Do your best while you are working for your boss. But once your working hours finish, turn off from work. If you have energy and time to work, work for yourself.

Sarah & Laura

How We Removed 80% of Our Unhappiness in The Home

Just like it’s important to have a regular decluttering practice for physical or digital items, every so often it’s time to take stock of the ‘pebbles’ in your life to see what can be removed.

Dr. Doom

The 2021 Early-Retirement Update

I retired on a sort of “lean-FIRE” budget, confidently told the world I’d be just fine, and five years or so later, I’m a wreck, I’d lost my partner, and I had to make sizable changes.

Impersonal Finances

What Can Your Crappy Little Elf Do For You?

Do you have an activity that you’ve been putting off? Writing? Investing? Getting in shape? Building a relationship? Whatever it is, the best advice is to just start doing it. And start doing it very poorly.

Accidentally Retired

How to Track, Graph, and Improve Your Happiness

Happiness is a choice. You have to choose to do the things that make you happy. You have to choose to be the person that you want to be. You have to manage your expectations.

Josh Brown

What I Learned From Ten Years of Cold Calling

The key to unlocking any door with a perfect stranger is to ask them about their favorite stocks. They will talk forever about the stuff they were smart enough to buy, and reveal a lot about themselves in the process.