Becoming Minimalist


What Growing Up “Poor” Taught Me About Minimalism
Cheryl Smith  |  Becoming Minimalist

We sold what we had to pay what we owed, and with reckless abandon, gratefully released the “American dream” and all it demanded of us. We are now 100% debt-free and have never been happier or more at peace.

A False Sense of Purchasing Power
Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

Our current financial system allows us to acquire credit based on income, rather than wealth. It grants purchasing power not based on what we’ve accumulated, but on what is expected to materialize.

Why “Can I Afford It?” is a Terrible Filter
Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

We often find ourselves debating a purchase because we’ve considered what benefit the purchase will bring into our lives. But rarely do we take the time to honestly evaluate what benefits might arise if we said no.

A Rich Heart May Be Under a Poor Coat
Joshua Becker  |  Becoming Minimalist

In one study, scientists asked students at a Chinese university to look at selfies and evaluate the personalities of the people pictured in five key personality characteristics. The students were wrong 80% of the time!

Ambitious Minimalism: How Owning Less Frees Us to Achieve More
Guest Author  |  Becoming Minimalist

We make less money than we used to, but have learned that we need far less to sustain us. That realization has been incredibly liberating, and has emboldened us to try things we never would have imagined…